We’ve all done the last-minute stop at the store to pick up an outfit for a date or night out and then never worn it again because of the questionable quality. One clothing company is looking to change those frustrating mistakes by producing essential quality clothes that will keep your closet from overflowing with dud outfits.


Cuyana, meaning “to love” in Quechua, is a delicately designed clothing company founded by Karla Gallardo + Shilpa Shah (we love #girlbosses!). The brand’s mission is centered around celebrating living life with fewer, better things — they’ve even kickstarted a Lean Closet Movement campaign meant to allow people to simplify their closets and live their lives through intentional buying (not impulsive buying).


The company implements this drive by designing and manufacturing intricately made treasures that use the world’s most premium materials. They believe everyone can function with fewer things if they are just better made. We guess it’s time to purge our closet — and our homes.


Every piece in Cuyana’s various collections — which include everything from totes to sweaters to tops, bottoms and accessories — are designed to last a lifetime (and not just a few nights out), while also looking timeless enough to never go out of style.


Just like some of our other favorite next-level basics brands, Cuyana goes straight to the source of where the materials and products are made (the ladies travel the world to find the best of the best) to cut down on unnecessary markups, making the clothing affordable to you. Our credit cards like hearing that ;)

Will you be joining the Lean Closet Movement by hanging up Cuyana clothing in it? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t The Cut)