Spring cleaning will be here before you know it, and we’re here to help you get a jump on it right now. Go through your closet and pull out those pieces that kinda fit, but not really. Oh, and those trendy pieces that were really only wearable for a season (looking at you, wedge sneakers). Finally, take out those pieces that are just not you… even if you got them on sale for a great deal. It’s time to sell your fashion goodies for the good of your closet and your wallet.

Don’t worry — we are not sentencing you to a garage sale. There are plenty of places to sell your gently worn duds online that aren’t eBay or Amazon. It’s time to Upgrade Your Life with sites that are built especially for you to sell your clothes with ease. What’s more? They do all of the hard work for you, except forcing you to part with those yoga pants that are so comfy, but totally see-through. That can be hard; we know.


1. For Ultimate Convenience: With Tradesy, you can sell any item in your closet that’s in good condition. They make the whole process super simple. Just upload pictures of your item and its information. With that info, Tradesy will give you an idea of how much your item might sell for on the site.

Then, you post your item and the magic happens: First, they’ll clean up the main image of your item to make it look the best it can by eliminating the background and balancing the colors. No #whiteandgold, #blackandblue issues here. When your item sells, Tradesy will send you a bag for shipping. All you have to do is drop it in the mailbox. They take 9% of your sale as a fee.


2. To Get It All Done at Once: If you don’t have the time or interest in posting your items piece by piece, you can box up your entire closet purge and send it to Twice. They’ll send you a prepaid shipping label and a selling kit, then you just send them your items. Their shopping pros go through your pieces one-by-one and look at the brands, wear and styles to give you an itemized price list for the pieces they’ll accept. You can get paid in any number of ways — check, PayPal, Venmo or even a Target gift card. If you’re not digging the deal, they’ll ship your clothes right back to you.


3. For Your Side Hustle: ASOS is a regular haunt for fashion junkies. Their styles are diverse and perfectly funky. In their Marketplace, you can shop right from other ASOS lovers’ online boutiques or start your own. With your ASOS boutique, you’ll get an Account Manager to help you manage your sales as well as coverage from ASOS themselves. If you have enough to start a boutique from your own closet, great! If not, get one going with friends. You pay $30 for your boutique each month as well as 20% commission on sales, but if you’re a regular closet purger, it may be worth it.


4. To Keep It Mobile: Poshmark is kind of like a Craigslist for clothes. Right from the app, you can post a picture of your item and list the details: size, brand, fit, etc. Fill in the original price and the listing price, then boom! You’re up and running. When you sell an item, Poshmark takes $3 for sales under $15 and 20% for anything over that. They’ll give you a pre-paid shipping label, but unlike Tradesy, they don’t send you something to ship your item in.


5. For the Super Fashionable: Looking for something a little more curated? Bib + Tuck could just be that something. Similar to the other sites, it’s free and easy to list and they provide prepaid shipping labels. They even take returns. What makes them stand out is that they curate their selection to make sure your totally awesome duds aren’t lost like needles in a haystack. They’re all about getting your clothes high visibility. They take 15% commission from your sales.


6. To Sell and Donate: ThredUp will send you an adorable polka dot bag for you to send them your unwanted clothes. After they sort through your stash, they’ll give you 80% of the resale value of the items they’ll accept. Any that they don’t accept get donated to charity. You can even donate your earnings if you’re so inclined.


7. For High-End Fashion: Sorry, but your Forever 21 finds are not welcome here. Vaunte is the place just to sell your top-of-the-line name brands to an audience looking exactly for that. Their site is full of great deals on expensive pieces. In the end, Vaunte takes 15% commission from your sales.

Which service would you use to sell your clothes? Let us know in the comments!

(feature image Twice)