Have you braved the cold to deck out your house for Christmas yet? We have (read below to see!), and the place we chose to start: our front door. First, with a festive welcome mat, and now with wreaths, garland, and lights that make the your home feel even more inviting this time of year. Let these 15 festive entryways serve as inspiration for decorating your door, porch, or deck for the holiday!

1. Move the Mantle Outside: We’ll start with an entryway that brings a little bit of the inside outdoors with a hanging Christmas stocking. Stuffed with pine sprigs and holly, the piece grabs all of your attention. But it’s also nice that when you zone out a bit, you’re met with a wild garland and two mini Christmas trees. (via Homedit)

2. Rustic Star: We love the warm, cheery feeling we get from this front door decor. There’s an effortless symmetry happening here that gives balance to the entire scene, from the perfect slouch in the garland to the equally and overly adorned trees. The large, rustic star on the door helps to bring it all together. (via Houzz)

3. Angles and Oranges: Here’s a great holiday scene for homes that don’t get much wintry weather. While we’re not suggesting that everyone go out and get a pair of cheeky angel topiaries, we do love the non-traditional color combination of green and orange. It’s a daring palette for this time of year, but it looks incredibly modern. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

4. Snowflakes: Three words: let it snow! There’s so much snowy detail on this front porch, from the obvious hanging snowflake garland and wreath, to more hidden elements like the snowflake decals on each silver tree bucket. There’s no chicer holiday theme to run with. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

5. Pinecones and Lanterns: If you’re drawn to this dashing doorway, then you’re definitely of the mindset of less is more. And in this instance, keeping it simple definitely makes a bold statement. We love that the ornaments in the full pinecone garland and berries around the metal lanterns exactly match the color of the door (it seems it helps to have a red door during the holidays). (via Better Homes and Gardens)

6. Neutral and Rustic: First off, let’s just take a second to ogle this front door. So gorgeous, and perfectly accented by minimal holiday decor. The simplest white garland adds a gentle touch of sparkle to this mostly neutral scene, which is so tastefully rustic. (via HGTV)

7. Winter Blues: Here’s another instance of both working with the year-round colors of your home and putting a twist on the traditional Christmas color palette (or simply embracing the colors of Hanukkah!) The combo of shiny silver and hues of blue make this porch sparkle like a winter wonderland. (via Robin Stubbert Photography)

8. Icy Glitz: If you’re ideal Christmas color is snowy white, then this is the front door decor for you! Icy blue ornaments and frosted pine cones give this wreath just enough wintry pop. Then, you can let the weather do the rest! (via Better Homes and Gardens)

9. Red and Green With a Twist: This super symmetric scene is tidy, yet bursting with personality. We’re swooning over the vertical snowflake hangings, which bring your attention to beautiful bunches of birch candles. There’s no overlooking the matching ribbon-wrapped hedges, either. (via HGTV)

10. Black and White: While we prefer our Christmas decor to be lit up in cheery color, we threw this front porch on the list for those who have a more minimalist taste. This scene is unfussy, yet everything is perfectly placed. We love how the doubled decor (see two trees and lanterns?) take up space without feeling repetitive, and of course, the monogram letter won us over. (via Made in Heaven)

11. Pop of Color: Here’s another more minimally decorated entryway, but this one uses color in a super smart way: every element of decor is monochrome! See the green ornaments on the green tree, and the red ribbon on that stunning red wreath? It’s classy, modern, and totally hip. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

12. Saying of the Season: There’s no more elegant way to declare the time of year. What fabulous DIY inspiration! (via Marcus Design)

13. Metallic Accents: We welcome all things glitzy during the holiday season, so we’re smitten with this metallic porch decor. When set on a background of white and green, there’s no such thing as too much silver and gold. (via Pottery Barn)

14. Nature Inspired: Who knew bare tree branches could conjure up such holiday spirit? And while they look pretty epic jutting out of spiky greenery, we’re obsessed with how great they look on the door. The oversized centerpiece plays up the height of the entryway without overpowering it in the slightest. (via Sweet Something Designs)

15. Coastal Holiday: This might be our favorite way to celebrate the holidays in a part of the world so sunny it never sees snow. Red ribbons pop against this white and sky blue entryway, where a garland of stacked seashells seems reminiscent of falling snow. (via A Beach Cottage)

Bonus: Our front door! It’s true! We decked out our entryway with fake snow, a couple of reindeer (see ‘em peeking?) and three frosty wreaths—one topped with a pretty burlap bow. This of course, is the entrance to Brit + Co SF, a holiday pop-up shop at Brit HQ where you can make, shop, and be merry! If you’re in SF, stop by between 11AM-9PM and say hi!

Any plans to deck out your front door this holiday? Do you stick with a traditional wreath or do you branch out with more modern decor? Tell us in the comments below!