You know what holiday gifs are? They are actually the gif-ts that keep on giving! Or… gif-ing? In any case, you know the drill. To celebrate the beginning of a serious holidaze, it’s time to oogle and ogle at classic holiday movies, beautiful twinkling lights, and Charlie Brown.

We promise you’ll giggle, gawk, and feel warm and fuzzy all at the same time.

1. Snoopy: We’ll kick things off by ringing the Christmas bell! Snoopy really would make a solid Santa.

2. Donald Duck: Keeping it classic, we move on to Donald. Merry Christmas to all!

3. Elf: “It looks like a Christmas tree!”

4. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: The glory of seeing those lights light up is pretty unparalleled.

5. Chrismukkah: First of all, remember the OC? Kind of the best theme song ever. In any case, the kids on the OC made Chrismukkah a thing, and multi-cultural holidays have never been the same.

6. A Christmas Story: See also: Dumb and Dumber. Didn’t Harry ever see this Christmas classic?!

7. Disco Ornament: Not sure why we’ve never thought to throw a mini disco ball up on our tree, but consider it noted for next year.

8. Trimming the Tree: Squirrel trimming a tree? Yeah, Disney totally rules.

9. The Grinch: He’s a mean one, but we’re loving the vibrant colors and evil undertones of this GIF.

10. Home Alone: This was hands down our favorite from last year’s Holiday GIF Guide, so we had to bring it back.

11. It’s A Wonderful Life: Only these two could make falling in a pool look glamorous!

12. Charlie Brown and Linus: Charlie Brown always means business, and Christmas is no exception.

13. Mickey Mouse: We love this gif and all, but just imagine if it was a Mickey Mouse Club holiday GIF, circa the Timberlake Spears years.

14. Minions: I have to confess: I’ve never seen Despicable Me or anything related to it, but these minions are cute, so here they are.

15. The Nightmare Before Christmas: Next confession: I watched this yesterday! It is definitely the strangest and most visually interesting Christmas movie ever.

16. The Office: Let’s take a jumping photo! #fail #jumpingfail #arejumpingphotosstillcool

17. Amy Poehler, Aggressive Caroler: Watch out for those crazy carolers…

18. Winnie the Pooh: One million cute points to Santa Pooh.

19. Rudolph: We will never tire of claymation. Ever.

20. Snow(man) Cone: We’re assuming there are a lot of recipes around this pun, but this GIF takes the cake… er, cone?

21. Twinkling Tree: We’ve got nothing clever to say about this one — it is just straight up lovely.

22. Pig-Pen Building a Snowman: And finally, one more Charlie Brown shout-out.

What’s your favorite Christmas movie? Everyone has one — tell us in the comments below.