Looking to really take your festive makeup look to the next level for this year’s holiday party? Beauty vlogger Katie Butt has an idea… a very, very sparkly idea. Katie is currently blowing the internet’s mind with her recently released makeup tutorial comprised entirely (we repeat: ENTIRELY) out of glitter.

The British blogger ditched traditional makeup materials for this unconventional tutorial and instead used different shades of glitter as foundation, contour, highlight, brow gel, eyeshadow and lipstick. The final result is not exactly wearable, but definitely impressive.

She looks either like the most fabulous Christmas elf that ever existed or someone visiting from a faraway planet that we would 100 percent like to visit. Real talk though, those ruby red glitter lips are kind of everything. Pat McGrath, we hope you’re seeing this.

However, as fabulous as this look is, glitter is often fondly referred to as the “herpes of arts and crafts” in the DIY community. Because no matter how hard you try to get it off or clean it up, you will always still find it lingering around days after. So we are VERY stressed thinking about what it was like trying to wash this look off. But even still, we appreciate Katie testing it out for us. Merry Glittermas, everyone.

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