Ah, holidays! Whether you’re a huge fan of festive cheer or you’re trying to avoid holiday celebrations like a prime Grinch on into the new year, arm yourself with a super cute holiday party-ready clutch to keep your cool. Stuff yours full of survivor items or holiday party essentials, and you’ll have an accessory that’ll instantly take your festive final party of 2015 to the next level. Scroll on to take a peek at our clutch necessities.

starlet perfume

1. Renegade Starlet Perfume ($50): The name of this roll-on perfume is just as good as its scent. Roll it on from time to time to give your senses a lift and keep yourself smelling like the stars.

twist scarf

2. Gold Twist Scarf ($20): Tiny and multipurpose: The two most important qualities of a good clutch item are covered in this gold twist scarf. With just a couple of loops and knots here and there, you’ve got yourself a headband, belt or scarf.

vegan polish

3. Vegan Nail Polish ($18): The amazingness of the fire red hue of this polish is matched by its ingredients, or rather by the ingredients that it lacks: animal products. The need to choose between pretty nails and animal ethics is over when it comes to your nails.

lip balm

4. Macaroon Lip Balm ($6): Baby, it’s cold outside, and that means you gotta keep your lips hydrated and protected from the winter wind. This lip balm does it with a macaroon flavor that is simply not to be missed.

lip scrub

5. Lip Scrub ($9): From grandma’s house to your holiday office party, this pint-sized lip scrub lets you do a little lip revamp from anywhere. Chapped lips, be gone!

mirror shades

6. Round Sunnies ($10): Even though it’s winter, everyone deserves a little sunshine, even if it’s just in the form of these sunset-hued shades. Throw them on when the sun is reflecting off the winter snow just a little too brightly, or when you need a break from a dull conversation at a bad holiday party.

mobile charder

7. Mobile Charger ($30): Your phone is essential for keeping up on all the holiday haps, so make sure it doesn’t die with the help of this ridiculously adorable mobile charger.

pina socks

8. Pina Socks ($6): The real question is: Why wouldn’t you have pineapple socks in your clutch? They’re tiny, adorable and ready to keep your feet warm whenever the winter chills hit. They’re particularly perfect for when you need a break from your super cute, but less-than-mega-comfy holiday heels.

hair ties

9. Hair Ties ($9): If your holiday hairstyle falls flat at the end of the night, or you’re over your bangs dangling in your face, these hair ties will save the day. If you don’t have room in your clutch, toss ’em on your wrist — they’re that cute.

disco buds

10. Disco Earbuds ($16): The pastel hues of these earbuds are super adorable, and their size makes them about as compact as they come, so they’ll fit in any bag.

dry shampoo

11. Mini Dry Shampoo ($5): The holidays can get crazy, and sometimes you just don’t have the time to give your hair a wash as often as you’d like. Keep your strands shiny and grease-free with this travel-sized dry shampoo, easily tote-able in any sized bag.

bobbie set

12. Girl Talk Bobby Pin Set ($15): You never know when flyaway hair strands will attack. Stay prepared in the cutest and most fun way possible by sticking these bobby pins in your clutch.

cord taco

13. Gold Cord Wrap ($29): When you’ve got limited purse space, it’s important that everything stays as neat and tidy as possible. Keep your earbud cords in check with these adorable, taco-inspired wraps.

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