Our agendas are filling up with holiday work parties, birthday celebrations, bachelorette parties, weekly happy hours and don’t forget about date night. We’ve got a solid rotation of party dresses in our closet, but what are we going to tote around to carry the essentials? It’s time to downsize from your daytime tote and pick out a party-time clutch that makes a statement. Scroll on for 24 of the most colorful clutches to go with your freakum dress.

1. SR Squared by Sondra Roberts Lucite Loose Bead Clutch ($108): Colorful beads aren’t just for Mardi Gras. Dance the night away with this clutch and don’t forget to stash a pack of confetti.

2. Fiorelli Cleo Clutch Bag ($85): Whether your idea of a good time is at a pub, dive, karaoke bar or club, this electric blue python clutch is the perfect bag to bring along for the ride.

3. Nadia Gabriella Neon Pink Acrylic Clutch ($250): We’ve got a feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good, good night. (Especially with this showstopper.)

4. Mine Furever Bag ($48): This furry clutch is perfect for a movie date: portable and cuddly.

5. Glitter Box Clutch ($80): Glitter and neon chevron? We like — no, LOVE — all of the above.

6. Lulu Guinness Hands Clutch Bag ($161): Hands off, this clutch is ours!

7. Kate Spade Gold Bow Clutch ($78): This dainty clutch makes us want to put on a princess dress and twirl.

8. Dune Ebarrios Black and Fuschia Faux Suede Leopard Pony Clutch ($124): Leopard’s practically a neutral to us. Throw in a sliver of hot pink and only good things can happen when you’ve got this under your arm.

9. Neon Yellow Perspex Lips Clutch Lulu Guinness ($195) The party doesn’t start until you walk in… with this clutch in tow. Neon lucite lips — we love it. Mwah!

10. BCBG Lulu Clutch in Black Combo ($138): Gemstones set in an ombre gradient — we couldn’t ask for more.

11. BCBG Mina Cage Clutch ($128): Alright, little miss fancy pants. You’ve been invited to a fancy schmancy holiday gala and you want to impress your SO’s work buddies. This clutch with a gown will do the trick.

12. Zara Party Bag ($80): The name says it all.

13. Ted Baker Elise Chain Strap Box Clutch Bag ($282): At first glance this clutch is a super sweet shade of bubblegum pink. But then a bit of crocodile textile peeks through, and we know we’re in for a good time.

14. Yazi Multi B Python Clutch ($246): Wowza! We get it — your anaconda don’t but this neon clutch is EVERYTHING.

15. Quilted Velveteen Crossbody ($25): Your new iPhone and that $25 lipstick are precious cargo. (Seriously, it took you months to find that perfect shade of red.) Make sure to carry it in style with this protective padded clutch.

16. Sasha Square Stone Clutch ($165): Anything’s possible with this brilliant-beyond-brilliant stone-covered clutch. The facets of these royal blue stones are sure to reflect tons of light, acting as a handheld disco ball that carries your lipgloss, too.

17. Studded Mini Messenger Bag ($60): This bag is Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic studded belt in clutch form. So yeah, we hafta have it, natch.

18. Suede Tassel Clutch ($60): The metallic fringe on this clutch will shimmy with you while you work it on the dance floor. #bestnightever

19. V-Panel Clutch ($48): We can’t get enough of metallic accessories. Why wouldn’t we throw in a pair of strappy silver heels to top it all off?

20. Skinnydip Gold Embellished Clutch Bag ($76): Who could turn down a clutch adorned with crystals? Seriously, this the chicest gold-box crossbody we’ve seen yet.

21. Btwn Wind and Water Suede Leather Envelope Clutch ($130): Tote your late-night essentials around in this sumptuous suede clutch. That pop of magenta and burnt orange — we can’t even.

22. Future Glory City Envelope Clutch and Tablet Sleeve ($200): A clutch in a classic silhouette that doubles as a tablet sleeve? Seriously, this is the Superman of party clutches. The glitzy gold hardware is stylish and functional. It’s got a lock-and-key enclosure and you can detach the tassel as a separate keychain. Did we mention that a portion of every Future Glory purchase goes to the aid of human trafficking victims?

23. Oak73 Hologram Clutch ($140): Houston, we have a problem. We can’t think of a reason not to get this space age bag. Any way you carry this clutch, it’ll always catch those brilliant tones of lavender, mint and periwinkle against that silver base. We wonder if this galactic delight glows in the dark, too?

24. Kindah Khalidy Art Pop Clutch ($106): This thick cotton twill clutch is large enough to house your phone, an extra pair of flats-to-go, plus your keys and makeup essentials. And hello?! The paintbrush effect speaks for itself.

Which one of these colorful clutches do you want to get your hands on? Sound off in the comments!