The same thermostat you remember dialing up and down in your childhood home, maybe even your grandparents’ home, maybe even your current home, is finally getting revamped for the digital age. Or more like, the Jetsons’ age — and by the same people who invented the round thermostat in the first place. With a design that looks like an iWatch face rendering and a promise to save you money as it learns how you live, old school company Honeywell is introducing a new school way to turn up the heat and increase the ol’ IQ in your smart home with the Lyric thermostat.

Nest isn’t the only smart ‘stat vying for a spot on your wall anymore. The latest roommate in your future smart home is different thought. It’s not here to learn your schedule (hi, even you have a million apps, four paper calendars and a partially-scribbled in planner or two and you can hardly hack it.) it’s going to adapt to it. Who’s the boss? You’re the boss. You tell Lyric when you’re coming and going and it helps make sure you’re comfy, cozy and saving money at all times.

This new smart home gadget is created with your busy, ever-changing life in mind. It learns when you’re coming and going with intuitive features that adapt to you and what you and your family are up to. It knows what the weather is like outside and how things feel inside. With Fine Tune settings, it keeps the important combo of temperature + humidity in check so you can set the optimal balance while you’re around.

While you’re gone, it’ll regulate the temperature and keep you in the loop with the connected app. Leave and turn on geofencing so that the thermostat will adjust based on your smartphone’s location and be ready for your return. The little disc even lights up when you approach it as if to say, Hey! What’s up — how can I help?

Create shortcuts and custom settings for recurring events like dinner parties, when you’re using your living room to sweat to the oldies or when you’re on vacay. Lyric learns when you leave the home and when you’re asleep so it can work to save energy when you don’t need it the most. The only adjustment you’ll really have to make is seeing your monthly energy bill dip lower.

If you haven’t started tinkering, it can be a little intimidating to get the smart housewarming party started, but Honeywell’s latest is easy to install. You just need a pencil, a screw driver and WiFi. No power tools… unless you consider your smartphone a power tool. We do, in which case that’s handy to have to control Lyric with its app (coming soon to iOS and Android!). With a trusted brand, a current look and an innovative approach to home automation, Lyric just might be the thermostat that makes the future seem present, even for those who feel like their home is operating in the past. Lyric is available to add to your favorite home gadgets or to get your smart house started in August for $279.

Do you have any smart features in your home? Would you choose Lyric over Nest? Share your thoughts with us below!