Olympians are in physical competition with each other all the time 鈥 competitions of speed, strength, endurance and flexibility. One thing they鈥檙e not in competition over is who is the hottest, so this list is definitely not a ranking. We would never presume to objectify them like that, when they鈥檝e trained for years for this moment! That鈥檚 why, presented in no particular order, here are some of our favorite Olympians who just happen to be super babely 鈥 even though that鈥檚 not the sole reason we appreciate them. ;)

1. Jake Dalton, USA Gymnastics Team. His Wiki page says that a new element on the parallel bars was ~named after him~ this year, so he must be pretty good. That鈥檚 pretty dang impressive.

2. The entire USA Men鈥檚 Water Polo Team. These men are literally hot. They spend a lot of their time training in the sun, and they have the tans to show for it. We just hope they鈥檙e using a good sunscreen!

3. Kassidy Cook, USA Diving Team. Kassidy loves to rep her country 鈥 even when she鈥檚 not training for the Olympic games. We鈥檙e rooting for her to take home the gold, for SURE.

4. Ashton Eaton, USA Track & Field Team. Remember when we were all in middle school and every guy named Ashton was automatically hot? No matter what Ashton Eaton鈥檚 name is, he鈥檇 still be cute.

5. Daryl Homer, USA Fencing Team. Because even though they don鈥檛 really fence on Game of Thrones, fencing is still kind of medieval and hot, and we like that.

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6. Ali Raisman, USA Gymnastics Team. Just check out this super cute pic after Ali鈥檚 鈥渇irst nap in Rio鈥 鈥 what a babe.

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7. Tom Daley, Great Britain Diving Team. He posts Instagram photos of himself like this 鈥 what鈥檚 not to love?!

8. Deajah Stevens, USA Track & Field Team. Deajah is a total POWERHOUSE at track and field, and this is her first year competing in the Olympics.

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9. Ryan Lochte, USA Swimming Team. He just dyed his hair silver, but we think he should鈥檝e gone for gold to really manifest his own destiny. Still, the guy looks good.

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10. Jordan Burroughs, USA Wrestling Team. His Instagram handle is 鈥渁lliseeisgold,鈥 and we鈥檙e totally rooting for him.

11. Natasha Hastings, USA Track & Field Team. She won the gold back in 2008, and she鈥檚 hoping to win it again this year as a sprinter. TBH, we bet all she has to do to slow down the competition is flash that killer smile.

12. Logan Dooley, USA Trampoline Team. Apparently, he knew his destiny after receiving a trampoline on his seventh birthday. We had to include him simply because the trampoline is an Olympic sport.

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