Now more than ever we could really use some cosmic healing powers, so it’s a good thing that Monday’s full beaver moon is also going to be a super-special supermoon, the last of its kind for another 18 years.

The full moon on Monday, November 14 will be closer to the Earth than it has been in almost 70 years, and the best time to see it will be early Monday morning before sunrise (blerg, we know), at about 6:22am eastern (DOUBLE BLERG!). (Our eyes won’t be able to detect the difference if you decide to check it out on Sunday or Monday after sunset as well.)

Considering it’s been decades since the last one, 18 years sounds like nothing at all comparatively, but we don’t want to miss our chance to get together with our besties to honor the silver goddess. Here’s how we’ll be spending our supermoon,

Have a cozy moonlit picnic. Okay, it won’t exactly be summer temps, but there is no better excuse to get layered up and feast on some of the soil’s tasty offerings than with your BFFs by the supermoon light. And while bringing candles along for better vibes is encouraged, you won’t have to worry about stomping around the outdoors in the dark — this super special supermoon will be so bright that you wouldn’t even need a light if you wanted to read, according to astronomer Paul Mortfield. Very cool.


Harvest your creativity. The moon’s phases are said to have a strong impact on your subconscious, so if you’ve been feeling emotionally overwhelmed in the lead up to this supermoon, you’re not alone (and of course, the election did NOT help). Honor the full moon by unleashing your energy in meditative, creative ways — have a crafting party, get out some paints and papers or even busting out your adult coloring books will work.

Cast a healing hex. Hopefully you’ve got a little good energy to spare and can harness the moon’s extra energies into something good for others, because the world needs a lotta love right about now.

Moon dance party! Look, it’s not up to us to betray the full moon and the wonderful witches who came before. Dance under that full moon. Dance with all your heart.

Do Tarot readings: Intuitions are said to be at their height during a full moon, so tap into your favorite Tarot deck’s full potential with a supermoon-lit reading.

Have a good old-fashioned gab fest. As we mentioned, the moon’s full phase could wreak emotional havoc, so get some good wine, some good friends and just let it all out.

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