What if we told you Beyoncé was cooking dinner tonight? Okay, not quite. But as you know, and as we’ve mentioned, she launched a vegan meal delivery service with her trainer Marco Borges. The duo was inspired by the belief that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. So naturally, 22 Days Nutrition provides meal plans that get you past the mark and help you form #flawless health habits. As great as that sounds, it made us wonder — how does the food actually taste? We went through the trouble of trying The Queen’s ruby red beet barley risotto (garnished with cashew cheese) to find out.


First, know that the company offers three meal plans based on how many meals per day you want. You can go all out and make sure a vegan breakfast, lunch and dinner is waiting for you at all hours of the day, or you can just use the system to make a single meal healthier. Meals range from $15 for the one-a-day option to as little as $9 per meal when you opt for the full package. You’ll receive the meals pre-packaged with portion guidelines in an insulated cooler. For me, this was the best part. It made my life so much easier to have my meals ready and waiting after a long day, and it ensured that I wouldn’t binge on something unhealthy and regret it later.


I started the day with granola, chia pudding and a banana nut muffin. The granola had a fresh-from-the-oven crunch and a natural taste that was a nice departure from the sugary store-bought stuff. The chia pudding was super tart in the best way possible. I was expecting to be freaked out by the texture, but it was actually quite smooth — not too gummy at all. The berry flavor really came through and tasted anything but processed. But the shining star of breakfast was definitely the banana nut muffin. I loved the strong nutty flavor and the denseness of the cake. The chewy texture made it seem so much more wholesome than your typical muffin, and it was definitely a lot more filling. I added a couple of slices on banana on top to get an extra dose of that fresh fruit flavor.


My favorite dish of all had to be the beet risotto. I adore beets and had never thought of the combination before. The beets gave the risotto a lovely earthy flavor, an awesome color and was a great way to fit a serving of vegetables into the carbs I know and love so dearly. A little cashew cheese on top satisfied the Parmesan craving. And you know what? I didn’t miss the real Parm at all.

Sample menus on the website will get your mouth watering and help you gear up for the 22 Day Challenge. You can expect everything from fajita kidney beans to curried fried rice and vegetables. I normally shy away from pre-packaged meals, but I couldn’t believe the flavor each portion packed. None of that bland diet food here. This is where you can tell how much more flavor organic ingredients and spices have than non-organic items.


I have to say, Bey really delivered on her promise that her meals will not only satisfy the body, but the also the spirit. While I was eating the meals, I had more energy, both physically and mentally, and I could tell my body appreciated being fed wholesome ingredients. I could get used to this vegan life. But only if B is cooking it up.

Have you tried Beyoncé’s 22 Days Nutrition? Let us know what you though about it in the comments below!

(feature image via Beyonce’s Facebook page)