While the Pantone palette Forest Bathing featured a walk in nature, the Reminiscence palette is all about a walk down memory lane. Think sepia, but with a modern twist. Pantone mixed traditional shades like blue and brown with new colors like olive green and teal to keep the palette feeling fresh. So how can a color palette conjure up a feeling? It’s all about the texture here, whether you go for rattan, wicker or warm wood to make your space feel like a nod to the past… in a totally good way. Scroll down to see how these 18 gorgeous spaces rock the Pantone’s 2017 Reminiscence palette.



1. Neutral Tones: Are those pom-poms lining that duvet cover?! Yes, indeed. And they look absolutely amazing in this warm-toned bedroom complete with rattan arm chair, faux fur and a sepia-toned nature print. (via Amber Interiors)

2. Earthy Textures: Give your bedroom an inviting feeling with shades from the Reminiscence palette, like dark blue throw pillows and a warm wood headboard. To keep your space from looking overly “woodsy,” throw a few metallics and faux fur into the mix. (via New Darlings)


3. Rattan Bed: Beachy meets boho in this bedroom that has just a touch of old Victorian chic. If simple elegance is your goal, a statement headboard like this rattan one pulls it off effortlessly. Keep the vibe fresh and modern with gold-dipped light bulbs and fresh flowers. (via The Glitter Guide)



4. Sunshine Yellow: Looking for something a little different? Get inspired by this super-stylish mini workspace! The bright yellow desk is balanced out with a rattan chair — complete with faux fur pillow, of course — and a giant round mirror for midday lipstick checks. (via The Glitter Guide)


5. Standing Tall: If a clean desk brings you inner peace, then this workspace has that whole productivity thing down to a T. While a simple white desk is undoubtedly stylish, it’s the gold pendant light, rattan chairs and oversized wall art that really give this room its character. (via Julie Edwards Designs)


6. Shelves on Fleek: A workspace isn’t just defined by your desk — sometimes you need a cozy space to curl up with a good read or solid Pinterest *research.* The white shelves and interesting storage options keep the room feeling cozy and organized. (via French by Design)



7. Western Vibes: It’s hard to decide what’s more impressive: this living room’s stylish lineup of throw pillows or those trendy cacti photographs. The wood coffee table beautifully contrasts a gray sofa and layered throw rugs. Even more chic is that copper desk lamp next to the sofa. (via Amber Interiors)


8. Coastal Chic: Going over to the coastal look for a sec, check out this divine living room. With its all-white walls, gold lamp, beachy wall art and rustic wood coffee table, this space is absolutely a breath of fresh air. (via My Domaine)

9. Plant Paradise: The Reminiscence palette lends itself well to a boho vibe, especially when you add in tons of plant life. This colorful living room picks up on the teal color of the throw pillows, while gold accessories and mid-century furniture keep the room looking 100 percent stylish, modern and on trend. (via New Darlings)



10. Copper Dream: All about that copper look? This dreamy bathroom is as modern as it is elegant. It’s also decked to the nines with rough textured tiles, rose gold hardware and light — almost pinkish — cabinetry. (via Amber Interiors)


11. Shades of Slate: If you’re more into a modern and minimal look, you can still appreciate key shades from the Reminiscence color palette. This streamlined bathroom balances out marble and subway tile with knob-free cabinets and tons of open space. The textures come from plants, a knobby laundry basket and a wood tray full of spa goodies. (via 100 Layer Cake)


12. Come Alive: Minimal, modern and neutral, this bathroom is a major crowd-pleaser for all the #plantladies in the house. But don’t call it boring — the patterned laundry baskets and stump side table lend it a slightly eclectic vibe that’s right in check with the Reminiscence palette. (via Honestly WTF)



13. Coastal Tides: If you love the nautical look, the Reminiscence palette will be right up your alley. Woven textures like rope and rattan look stunning with navy, especially when paired with black and white artwork and light wood furniture. (via Amber Interiors)


14. Bali on My Mind: A bright shade of teal is one of the shades the Reminiscence palette pulls in to make a neutral space feel fresh and not outdated. Bonus points if you layer up a couple of rugs in true Pinterest-perfect fashion. (via The Glitter Guide)


15. Pretty in Pink: Featuring a solid wood table alongside woven chairs that could’ve been a garage sale treasure, this lovely dining room is the perfect balance of modern and retro. The clean lines and neutral color palette allow those hot pink flower bouquets to really pop. (via Lonny)



16. Mountain Glam: Thanks to modern trends like rustic open shelving and textured throw rugs, the kitchen is one of the easiest places to implement Pantone’s Reminiscence palette. Whether you go all out with a butcher block island, or just add accents like wood bar stools and chic wood shelves, warm earth tones look stunning in any style kitchen. (via Studio McGee)


17. Simple Pleasures: Just because the Reminiscence palette is all about the past doesn’t mean it looks dated. Rather, draw inspiration from interesting textures like rattan bar chairs or inherited treasures that your grandma passed down to you. (via Amber Interiors)


18. Country Luxe: Woven bar chairs, gold pendant lights and wide plank wood floors come together effortlessly in this gorg kitchen. Whether your style is classic, modern or totally eclectic, you can keep it looking elegant and refined just by using a few key shades from the Reminiscence palette. (via Studio McGee)

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