Pantone’s nine 2017 color palettes feature quite a few pastel and neutral hues; in fact, the Forest Bathing palette is the only one featuring a dark, brooding green. Inspired by the idea that a stroll through the forest will enhance your mood, this palette incorporates colors found in nature, like green and teal, and bright accents like purple and lime green. The broad spectrum of plantlike hues is the perfect way to update your home this season. Whether you use them on your walls or furniture, here are 17 gorgeous spaces that feature Pantone’s 2017 Forest Bathing colors as the ultimate design inspo.



1. Forest Green Cabinetry: Talk about a swoon-worthy space — this dark kitchen is the stuff dreams are made of. While the forest green cabinets might not be for everyone, the white backsplash, white floors and gold accents help balance the color. The result? One Pinterest-perfect space. (via Black Lacquer Design)


2. Bohemian Greenery: Don’t for a minute think green isn’t appropriate for the kitchen. There are so many other colors and textures that pair up perfectly, especially if you’re into a boho look. Copper and white are obvious choices, but throw in some sage green walls and teal rugs and you’ve got one rad room. (via The Jungalow)


3. Emerald Chic: A little modern and a lot colorful, this bold green kitchen is bright in all the right places. With neutral floors, bright white walls and simple gold drawer pulls, the space feels both cheery and sophisticated. (via Alyssa Rosenheck)



4. Yellow Accents: The Forest Bathing palette features bright yellow and lime accent colors, which pair perfectly with this sage green dining room set. Another fun way to bring in just a touch of yellow without too much work is with a new tablecloth or even mismatched pendant lights. From glassware to candles and vases, a little yellow goes a long way. (via Kim Timmerman)


5. Pattern Play: Textured wallpaper, leather chairs and a bold piece of artwork bring in all the right elements in this cozy breakfast nook. If you’re a small-space dweller, a colorful bench might be just the thing you need to carve out few extra seating options in your mini dining room. (via Black Lacquer Designs)


6. Natural Beauty: There’s nothing like a bold coat of green paint to bring the glamour to your dining room. Keep the space from feeling too dark with lighter textures like rattan chairs, bamboo blinds and a clear glass pendant lamp. Finish off the look with a cowhide rug and sheepskin seat covers for a nature-inspired feel. (via Design Sponge)



7. Tropical Living: With a color palette focused on shades found in nature, it only makes sense to turn to a tropical theme — in this case, a fab leaf print wallpaper. The dark blue chairs and natural wood coffee table are perfect accents for the exotic vibes going on in this living room. (via Domino)


8. Plant Decor: Paint, wallpaper and furniture aren’t the only way to bring color into your space. Since the whole Forest Bathing palette is based on plant colors, greenery is an obvious decor choice. Take advantage of your vertical spaces and hang an entire garden right from your ceiling. (via A Beautiful Mess)



9. Vibrant Subway Tile: Subway tile is one of the trendiest bathroom styles, but this shower takes the classic look to a whole new level. A green shade like this one is a bold move, but it actually looks quite sophisticated when paired with soft pastels, white and a touch of pink. (via Domino)


10. Jungle Room: If jungle-licious is your jam, you’ll love the vibrant paint on these walls. Turn your bathroom into a tropical wonderland with wall-mounted planters, nature-inspired jewelry hooks and a new set of green or blue towels. (via Brit + Co)


11. All About That Green: Usually it’s blue that’s associated with all things calm and serene, but in the case of this chic bathroom, emerald green does an admirable job of creating a relaxing atmosphere. The bathroom is really where your day starts, and a nature-infused color palette is a lovely way to make the space feel lush, cheery and alive. (via HGTV)



12. Feelin’ the Blues: This accent wall borders on dark turquoise and blue, but the shade is gorgeous for turning a neutral bedroom into a relaxing oasis. The deep paint color is reflected in a green leather bench at the foot of the bed and plants by the window, and texture-rich accents add another layer of visual interest to the room. (via Ave Styles)


13. Sixties Greens: Who would’ve guessed those yellowish greens from the ’60s would roll back around and actually look good? Set the color palette with throw pillows and blankets in various shades of green, then bring the whole look together with a patterned throw rug — or woodsy wallpaper, if you’re really digging the nature theme. (via Kim Timmerman)


14. Shades of Sage: Not so much a fan of the yellow accents? The Forest Bathing palette translates nicely to a Scandinavian aesthetic once you pare it down to one muted shade plus black and white accessories. And if you find a paint color you’re in love with, who’s to stop you from painting your nightstand the same color as your walls? (via Domino)



15. DIY Mid-Century Desk Wall Unit: If you’re looking for just one room to rock the Forest Bathing palette, make it the home office. Why? Because plants make you more productive, obvi. Skip the paint and surround yourself with nature’s best accessories: lots and lots of indoor plants, on the floor, on open shelving and on your desk. (via Old Brand New)


16. Soft Nature Tones: One way to pull off this green color palette is to tone it down to a more pastel shade. Light sage green cabinets and a blue patterned tile floor complement each other nicely to give you the workspace you’ve been dreaming of. (via Black Lacquer Designs)


17. Colorful Tapestries: If you’re looking for one easy way to change the look of your workspace, all you need is a cool new wall tapestry. Give your eyes something pretty to look at while you stare off into space — err, respond to emails. (via Design Sponge)

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