Tropical prints have been on the rise, and we are not complaining. From pineapples to palm leaves to flamingos to flowers, we are obsessed with all things tropical! Today we are turning one of our favorite tropical patterns into a party photo booth. So break out your coconut bras, hula skirts and Hawaiian shirts, because you are invited to our tropical-themed party.



– crepe paper — pink, orange and yellow

– green wrapping paper

– green + yellow paint

– pipe cleaners

– string


– scissors

– paint brush

– hot glue gun


Palm Leaves


Grab an old cloth or scrap of fabric and start dabbing paint on your wrapping paper to create a textured green pattern.


Once dry, cut long oval shapes out of the paper and add slits to define the leaf.


Create enough leaves to make it really look like a jungle!


Add some plain green leaves to give your backdrop dimension.


Cut your string to the desired height of your photo backdrop and attach it to your leaves using a hot glue gun.

Hibiscus Flowers


Grab the pink crepe paper and cut out large oval petals. Use yellow paint to accent the tips and give the petals a more realistic look.


Cut long rectangles of yellow and orange crepe paper. Fringe one side and wrap it around a pipe cleaner.


Glue the tips of the petals together in a fan pattern. Make sure they are only attached at the bottom. You will work the petals into a flower shape later on.


Glue the pipe cleaner to the middle petal and then wrap and glue the outer petals together. Secure all the petals together with the end of the pipe cleaner.


Now it’s time to work the petals. Pucker them up and glue them together to get overlapping petal perfection.


Create a bunch in different sizes.


To set up you your backdrop, tack your string of leaves and hibiscus flowers to the wall.


If you don’t live in a tropical climate, I suggest purchasing a humidifier to really get your guests in the mood :)


Grab your favorite props and start snapping. Gold pineapple, anyone?


Hawaiian shirt on top of Hawaiian shirt? Yes please! Sean really went all out for this one. If only Brie had her own hula outfit. She’d look so good in a coconut bra :)


Alexis HAD to be in this photo shoot because it is her last week here at Brit + Co. We are so sad to see her leave but so excited to see her company Punkpost blossom. Go download the app right now and send out handwritten cards to all of your friends, family… and frenemies!


What is your go-to prop and pose when heading into a photo booth? Share with us below and remember to tag your latest creative creations with us using the hashtag #iamcreative.