Not only do we love celebs for their creative conquests, but we also love them for their fashion. Trolling the web, we’ve seen the asymmetrical hem heating up this summer (especially in the celebrity world), and we are totally on board. So today we are whipping up a way to get this trend for under $15. Even better, you can make it in under 30 minutes.


Materials + Tools:

– tube skirt

– jersey fabric

– sewing machine

– fabric scissors

– sewing pins

– tape measure

– chalk



1. Measure the width and length of your skirt. Ours measured 14 inches across and 15 inches in length.

2. Fold your jersey fabric in half, and then, starting from the fold, measure the same number of inches as the width of your skirt plus one extra inch. Along the fold, measure the length of your original skirt plus two inches. Mark these new measurements using chalk.

3. Starting at the fold, draw a diagonal line to the edge of the fabric that ends about four inches from the top of the fabric.

4. Cut out the fabric, then pin and sew the open side together (the 4-inch edge).

5. Once the fabric is sewn together, fold over and pin the raw edges to create a hem, and then sew.

6. Pin your new asymmetrical piece to the skirt matching the sewn seam to the seam of the skirt. Pin it in place, and then sew.

Grab your tape measure, and collect the width and length measurements of your skirt. Write them down so you don’t forget!

Fold your fabric in half so the width is equal to the width of your skirt plus an extra inch. To find the length of your new asymmetrical hem, measure the length of your skirt plus two extra inches. Our width was 15 inches and our length was 17 inches. Starting at the fold, draw a diagonal curve to the opposite side of the fabric, ending at four inches from the top of the fabric. Once you are happy with your diagonal curve, cut it out of the fabric using fabric scissors.

Pin and sew the open edge closed (the 4-inch section).

Fold over the edges of your skirt, pin and sew to make a clean hem (these edges will be seen on the skirt).

Pin and sew the seam of the asymmetrical hem to the seam of the skirt. Take note: This will be the only seam connecting the new asymmetrical piece to the skirt. It’s important that you only sew one side to allow the skirt stretch.

Asymmetrical hem lines FTW!

Of course we couldn’t just make one!

Alicia joined in as our model to rock this classic asymmetrical look. We paired it with a solid blouse and one of our favorite necklaces from the Brit Shop.

Did someone say dancing?? We are always ready to bust a move. These asymmetrical skirts make us want to salsa dance.

We had to make a patterned option (duh). We created a sportier look for our second skirt.

Yup, still dancing.


We love how these skirts can be styled with comfortable sneakers or cute summer heels.

Get the Look


If you haven’t noticed, we are obsessed with all things cuppaCOLOR — we definitely recommend spending $34 for this necklace.


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What do you think about this hemline trend? Do you want it to stick around or is the diagonal line just a little too dramatic? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!