Body chains are on the rise. We’ve seen celebs wearing them at festivals and on the red carpet, and they are lighting up our Pinterest feed. But what about the average gal? Can she pull them off? The answer is yes! In this post we will show you how to create a basic shape and add some beads. Then you can get creative an add your own personal touch. Wear it out for a night of dancing or layer it with your office favorites. Body chains, we think you’re off the chain :)



– chain

– jewelry wire

– jump rings

– lobster clasp

– various beads


– wire cutters

– flat-nose pliers



1. Cut two pieces of chain that measure 36 inches and one piece of chain that measures 5 inches.

2. Lay the long chains vertically and attach the small chain horizontally between the long chains using jewelry pliers and jump rings. Cut the small chain in half and attach jump rings to each end. Then add a lobster clasp to one of the jump rings.

3. Using jump rings, attach the long chain ends together to form large loops. Your arms will slide through the loops.

4. Lay your piece on the table and find the front part of the chain that is opposite the small chain closure. Wrap wire around one side, string your pattern of beads, and wrap the wire on the opposite side.

5. Add about six layers of beads to give your body chain a focal point.


Body jewelry calls for a lot of chain, so be sure to stock up! Cut two pieces of chain that measure 36 inches and one piece that measures about five inches.


Lay your long pieces on the table vertically and attach your smaller piece of chain horizontally. Cut it in the middle and attach jump rings and a clasp. This part will sit at the nape of your neck and help your body chain stay in place on your shoulders.


Now connect each long chain to itself to form loops. When you wear your body chain, you will thread your arms through these loops.


Time to start adding the bling. Find the front side of your body chain that is opposite your back closure. Work in that area to string your beads.


String your beads and wrap the wire on the opposite loop. You need to wrap your wire on the same chain loop that it is wrapped on the other side, so count to be sure you’re on the right link.


Get funky with it. Create different strands that play with bead size, texture, and color.


Does your chain hang low? Okay, wait — am I the only person who listened to that song in high school? How embarrassing.


We asked one of our favorite Brit gals, Lisa Raphael, to model the body chain for us in two different ways. Body chains aren’t only for summer festivals. They work in the office or out on the town.


Wear your body chain over a blouse and top it off with a blazer.


Not into wearing your bling at the office? Body chains are great for date nights or an evening out with your besties.


We suggest layering your body chain on top of a form-fitting dress. The dress + the body chain will really play up the curves of your body. You go girl!

Are you on board with the body chain trend? DIY your own and share it with us using the hashtag #iamcreative. As always, leave your comments and questions below!