It鈥檚 easy to pop on a sequin-covered anything to stand out from the crowd. For us, that鈥檚 especially true around the holidays, and for celebs, it鈥檚 a red carpet golden rule. But when Lupita Nyong鈥檕 walks the carpet, she doesn鈥檛 just follow a trend blindly, no matter how foolproof it is. And so the Oscar-winning actress鈥檚 take on winter sequins at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards was delightfully unexpected. Lupita鈥檚 sparkle traced just under the high neck of her white Chanel couture dress, down the center of the bodice and curved around and to the back of her hips in the shape of a body chain. Sure, it may sound weird, but the piece itself 鈥 an embellishment here and an accessory otherwise 鈥 is the newest way to glam up your neckline (and what鈥檚 below).

We鈥檝e seen this slinky shape before with hand chains, a ring-bracelet hybrid that鈥檚 more attention grabbing than any arm party, no matter what way it鈥檚 stacked. So think of the body harness the same way: a kind of lariat that connects at the waist, adding an edgier glitz to your getup than ever before. Whether you鈥檙e scheming up the 100th way to style your white button-down or want something extra special to toss on over that LBD this holiday, a body chain *could* be just what you鈥檙e looking for 鈥 try these five on for size this season.

1. Daily Look Delicate Body Chain ($28): Unlike Lupita鈥檚 embellished bodice, most body chains available now are ultra delicate, adding just a faint glimmer to whatever top you鈥檙e wearing. Ease into the trend with this piece that crosses right in the center through a simple jump ring.

2. ASOS Fine Multi-chain Body Harness ($21): Behold: the lazy girl way to layer your necklaces. With the chain draped in line, the necklace becomes a glitzy pattern against plain blouses.

3. Vanessa Mooney Velorum Body Chain ($130): Even if you鈥檙e shooting for head-to-toe minimalist style this holiday 鈥 including natural makeup (no red lip!) and a frill-free dress 鈥 you can still make your outfit party-ready in a flash with a body chain as stunning as this multi-strand piece.

4. CCB Accented Body Chain ($9): Just because you鈥檙e tossing on a t-shirt and jeans doesn鈥檛 mean a body chain is off limits. Opt for one with less shine like this gold beaded piece, and pair it with other casual chic accessories like midi rings and ankle boots.

5. Freedom at Topshop Colored Jewel Stone Pendant ($28): This is the body chain to try for girls who swear by statement necklaces. Like in any case, the colored jewels will catch eyes first, then get ready for the major wows once the criss crossing chain is spotted.

Has Lupita convinced you to try out this trend? How would you style a body chain? Tell us in the comments below.

(Image via Vogue MX)