In addition to delicious food, an adorable blanket and amazing friends, we believe lawn games are essential for a 4th of July BBQ. Many of us grew up playing horseshoes, croquet and bean bags. And then there were those other seemingly strange ones like Koob or that wacky game my dad used to have — a stuffed Cookie Monster wrapped in duct tape. I’m still not really sure how to play that game. One of our favorite lawn games is bocce ball. Since 4th of July is just days away, and we’re prepping our Independence Day activities, we thought we’d spruce up an old bocce ball set with some new colors to rep ‘Mercia.


Materials + Tools:

– Bocce ball set

– spray paint

– protective finish spray

star stickers



1. Spray paint your Bocce balls in 4th of July colors.

2. Once dry, embellish with star stickers and then spray with a protective finish.


Our bocce set already had a nice light blue ball that was perfect for our 4th of July theme. We kept this ball and just added star stickers to get it ready for our 4th of July BBQ.


The gold pair was our favorite =) They look like they belong in a quidditch game, amirite?


Take your time when spray painting. Add lots of small even strokes. Since they are spheres, the paint will drip down if you apply too much at once. We also found that it took some time for them to dry completely. Wait until they are not tacky.


Once all the balls are painted and embellished with stars, add a layer of protective finish.


Alright! Let’s get ready to play.


There was no messing around in this game of bocce. Alicia came in for a close second place, but there was no beating Anj. Ashley and I were just there for the fun =)


No game is complete without a cold beer (or cider). Keep that refreshing beverage cold with some knitted cozies.

What is your favorite lawn game? Have you ever made up your own? Share with us below!