With New Year鈥檚 Eve right around the corner, many of us either love or loathe the holiday. Deciding on how you鈥檒l celebrate includes picking out an outfit and getting your nails done in the perfect New Year鈥檚 manicure, but for many of us, the celebration can be nervewracking, especially when it comes to thinking about that midnight kiss.

Friends drinking together at party

Depending on who we鈥檙e heading out with, we may or may not be prepared for the ubiquitous midnight kiss. If you鈥檙e coupled up, this usually is very straightforward. At midnight, you grab your person and plant a kiss on them. But what if you are flying solo? Or on a date? This is where things need to be set out in a way that makes that first kiss of 2017 perfect.

Heterosexual couple holding sparklers and kissing at party

It鈥檚 important to remember that if you鈥檙e in a group, no one should feel left out. Outside of your partner, whom you should probably smooch first, make sure all your friends are covered. Ask in advance if any single pals would like a midnight kiss. If they say no, then a hug or high-five will suffice. If they say yes, you know that you鈥檒l be giving your friend a smooch, usually dual cheek kisses or a peck on the lips (friend鈥檚 choice, please ask!). While it may seem like you鈥檙e taking the fun out of the celebration, it鈥檚 actually helpful so that everyone feels comfortable with their surroundings.

What about that cute singleton you鈥檝e been dancing with all night? If you鈥檙e feeling up to it, ask them if they鈥檇 like to share that midnight kiss. Saying yes means you have something to look forward to when the countdown happens, and saying no just means you default to one of the friends you鈥檙e with.

Homosexual couple kissing at music concert

It鈥檚 important to remember that the feelings of the people who are celebrating around you are just as important as yours, so don鈥檛 take offense if your preferred kissing partner turns out to say no. There鈥檚 nothing worse than feeling pressed when in public, and ensuring that everyone鈥檚 happy and feeling safe is definitely way more fun than forcing a kiss on someone who really isn鈥檛 into it.

Wherever you are at the strike of the clock, and whomever you鈥檙e with, remember that New Year鈥檚 Eve is just a celebration, like any other, so keeping everyone happy is the most important part of the night.

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