The day of showering your boo with gifts is over and now you’re left with a bunch of flowers you have no idea what to do with. You wish you could keep them forever in your DIY Rope Wrapped Planter because you hate the idea of throwing them out. Good news — with the right DIY, you won’t have to! If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make gorgeous hanging flower chandeliers or a stunning iPhone case from pressed dried petals, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s your complete guide to reusing and repurposing those Valentine’s Day flowers. You’ll def want to pin these tips for when you next need a few boho party ideas.

DIY Hanging Flower Chandelier

1. DIY Hanging Flower Chandelier: This fresh flower hanging will brighten up an entryway or dining table. You’ll enjoy walking past its pleasant floral fragrance all day long. With a little washi tape and basic sewing skills, you’ll have a boho-worthy chandelier in no time. (via The Sweetest Occassion)

DIY Hanging Flower Installation

2. DIY Hanging Flower Installation: If your hubby went a little overboard with the bouquets, you can achieve this suspended whimsical wonderland using that multitude of blooms. Use wire to help you easily space out your flowers. (via Sugar & Cloth)

DIY Floral Ice Bucket

3. DIY Floral Ice Bucket: Who knew ice buckets could be this stunning? Create this ethereal construct of fruits and flowers with two plastic buckets — one large and one small. Fill the larger one with water, fruits and flowers, then place the smaller bucket inside and freeze overnight. Serving chilled bubbly will never be the same. (via Sugar and Charm)


4. DIY Floral Bookmark: You won’t ever lose your place again with this charming bookmark. Simply slip flower petals in between your book pages and when they’ve dried you can seal the deal with laminate and dry adhesive. Cut your bookmark to desired size and finish it off with a ribbon of your choice through a hole punch. (via Spalvotas Dryzuotas)


5. DIY Flower Photo Art: Not only is this DIY a thoughtful gift for friends, but it’s an easy stylized upgrade from normal photos. All you’ll need is a glue gun, fresh flowers and photos of your choosing. Then glue away! (via Bespoke Bride)

Floral Body Scrub

6. DIY Floral Body Scrub: Scrub your worries away with this DIY body scrub. It packs quite the punch of heavenly floral aroma and will totally make you feel as though you’re one with Mother Nature. (via Wallflower Girl’s Plant-Based Kitchen)

flower ampersand home decor project

7. DIY Giant Fresh Flower Ampersand: Does your home look like it’s got the case of winter blues and grays? Say goodbye to dull winter months with this colorful blast of spring fever. You can cut the floral foam sheet to any shape to fit your needs. (via Paper & Stitch)

flower ceiling

8. DIY Floral Chandelier: Try this project if you’re loving the floral chandelier but need a bit more structure than the other DIYs call for. Instead of hanging your flowers from their stems, create a clean look by displaying only their bright and colorful heads. You’ll need a wire floral wreath frame, floral tape and ribbon of your choice to recreate this romantic dining table accent. (via 100 Layer Cake)

Fresh Flower Love Sign

9. DIY Fresh Flower Love Sign: For the perfect floral accent to your mantle or wall, this lovely DIY can be made using vine-wrapped floral wire and fresh flowers. There’s nothing more romantic than seeing this sign over your bed after a long day at work. (via Sugar & Cloth)

iphone case

10. DIY Pressed Flower iPhone Case: Warning: You may not be able to put your phone down once you get through with this DIY. Thankfully there’s no such thing as too many mirror selfies. Pretty and practical? You bet. (via The Etsy Blog)


11. DIY Fresh Flower Ombre Wall Hanging: If your white walls are looking a little bare, brighten them up with this stunning wall art made from fresh and natural materials. Your guests will love the minimalist look, especially if the fragrant piece of wall art greets them as soon as they walk through the door. (via Makers Society)

DIY Non-Toxic Bath Fizzes

12. DIY Non-Toxic Bath Fizzes: If Valentine’s Day was a little hectic, with running around from work to dinner and picking up that last minute gift and card, here’s a DIY that’s sure to make all your troubles melt away. Made with essential oils and vitamin E, these bath fizzes are the perfect spa day pick-me-up. Plus they smell great! (via Sugar and Charm)

West Elm Metal Flower Arrangers 2d Grace Lee

13. DIY Metal Flower Arrangers: If you’ve got a thing for Anthropologie’s and West Elm’s rustic chic vibes, this DIY is made for you. To get this minimalist look, grab some wire and twist it to create two small circular openings, where you’ll display your dried flowers. Wrap the wire around a slab of reclaimed wood and that’s it! You can lean this against your breakfast nook, mantle or guest room bedside table. (via Hello Lidy)

DIY Real Dried Flowers Manicure

14. DIY Real Dried Flowers Manicure: If you’re having engagement photos done or have a cute pinkies-up tea party to attend with your kid, this manicure that’s made from real flowers will make the bohemian, free spirit in you totally giddy. Greet spring the right way with this unique manicure. (via Love Maegan)

dried flowers

15. DIY Hanging Dried Flowers from Embroidery Frame: Here’s a minimalist approach to hanging your Valentine’s Day flowers: Mix different types of flowers and hang from varying heights to create this delightful floral frenzy. If you’re going for a wow-factor with your centerpiece-meets-chandelier, make a few of these and line the length of the table. (via Atilio)

DIY Potpourri With Dried Flowers

16. DIY Potpourri With Dried Flowers: This isn’t Grandma’s potpourri. Make this out of all the flowers leftover from the other DIYs once they dry. It’s the perfect way to fill your home with a sweet or woodsy scent using your own unique blend. (via Free People Blog)

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