How to Throw a Dino-Mite 30th Birthday Bash
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How to Throw a Dino-Mite 30th Birthday Bash

Throwing a dinosaur-themed birthday party as an adult for adults is anything but prehistoric. Today, dinos are trendy with all ages. We’ve even embraced this dino-mite trend by making an awesome dino planter of our own. Since you are still a kid at heart — and love all things D-I-N-O — why not make your 30th birthday party a little more prehistoric?Scroll on to see how to celebrate your favorite Littlefoot or Petrie with a few dinosaur egg jello shots.

1. DIY Giant Egg Piñata: Get creative planning your party activities and reimagine an Easter piñata into a Velociraptor egg. One thing is for certain — your pals won’t complain as long as there’s free candy! (via Oh Happy Day)

2. DIY Dinosaur Party Invitations: It’s clear that your party will be over-the-top creative with all of your dino-mite party ideas, but your invites need to really roar! Crafting small paper machè eggs and planting a small dinosaur inside with your party details is sure to make a statement. (via Oh Happy Day)

3. Golden Dino: Before you get down and boogie like it’s 1980, you’ll want to add a few golden touches to your party. Spray painting plastic dinosaur toys with metallic paints is another way to pack a punch with your party theme. Adding in a ”CELEBRATE” backdrop and some confetti only makes the plastic carnivores more fabulous.

4. Paleontologist Cake: You’ve heard of the ”Paleo Diet” — we’re pretty sure this paleontologist smores cake doesn’t fall into this particular food/diet category, but really, who cares? No B-Day bash is complete without a little cake, so dig into this yummy chocolate dirty cake topped with a T-Rex skeleton. (via Kara’s Party Ideas)

5. DIY Dinosaur Necklace: While you’re celebrating your big day in a big way, you and your guests will need a few activities to partake in. Crafting playful (but trendy) dinosaur necklaces just may be the thing to take your shindig out of the dark ages and into the golden era. (via Hello Wonderful)

6. Party Animals: Painting a few plastic dinosaurs (pastels, of course) and adorning them with tiny party hats and floral crowns ups the girly party factor. Display your new friends atop a well-stocked bar cart. (via The Party Parade)

7. Party Platters: Creating party platters that feature a long tail, not-to-mention teeth and a dinosaur head, creates a more fierce party atmosphere in a synch. The monochrome finish keeps it preppy chic. (via Sweet Lulu)

8. Festive Hats: It’s totally acceptable to have you and your guests wear party hats at your fête. In fact, you should make it mandatory, but only if you create your party cones to look like dinosaur spikes. (via 100 Layer Cake-Let)

9. Jello Eggs: You’re turning 30, and that calls for a round of shots, shots, shots! Why not make them jello shots hatched right out of a dinosaur egg? (via Best Friends for Frosting)

10. Dino Donuts: Okay, marble is trendy, no matter whether it relates to fashion, home decor or, yes, food. Even better, marbled glazed donuts are reminiscent of mottled dinosaur eggs. These treats sprinkled with pink and gold sprinkles take the party cake. (via The Party Parade)

11. DIY Dinosaur Cupcake Toppers: Pass the cupcakes and coffee. It’s your party, and you can plan on having Jurassic-inspired cupcakes (we suggest gold tones) to serve as your sweet hostess treat. (via The Party Girl)

12. Fossil Cookies: Think in tones of pinks, purples, light blues and other sweet hues when planning your birthday dino bash. Opting for more “girly” colors will take your party from obsolete to awesome in two T-Rex tail shakes. (via Catch My Party)

13. DIY Colorful Bag Charms: Get your party-goers in on some crafting DIY with a series of dinosaur bedazzled purse charms. It’s the perfect party favor to remind your guests of your epic 30th bash. (via Homemade Banana)

14. DIY Dino Candles: Add another dino element into your party decor by turning tiny plastic toy dinosaurs into candle holders. Reuse them with different candles, and the dripping wax will add colorful “scales” on their solid white base. (via Dekotopia)

15. JanineBasil T-Rex Hair Accessory ($19): This awesome dinosaur headband helps you look the part while hosting your roaring birthday bash. Consider it a more original take on the birthday girl tiara.

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