Fashion insiders seem to have a knack for getting away with trends the rest of us can’t — or think we can’t, at least. Sure, there are always a few street-style fads that merit a hard pass, but there are also plenty of seemingly tricky ones that actually deserve a chance. Case in point: socks with heels. Yes, you can rock this look without feeling like you’re five years old and trying on your mom’s pumps in the living room. You just need to remember a few key tips. Ahead, your style cheat sheet to mastering the look.

When in doubt, go fancy.

A thinner, dressier sock is the easiest way to make this look work. Glittery or embellished options feel party worthy — hence, why they play well with heels. (Photo via Mauricio Santana/Getty)

Play off your accessories.

The socks with heels thing should look quirky and eclectic, but not totally random. Add a pop of color with your bag, then try coordinating your first layer of footwear in the same hue to pull the whole thing together. (Photo via Timur Emek/Getty)

Keep it sexy.

A set of fishnet ankle socks adds a fun, vampy feeling to an outfit. Pairing them with a less sultry piece like a plaid shirtdress plays down the showgirl vibe, making for the perfect balance. (Photo via Marie Simonova/Getty)

Match them to your shoes.

Coupling your shoes with socks in the same hue is an easy way to test drive the trend. With all one color for the eye to focus on, the combo has the aesthetic effect of an ankle boot. Genius! (Photo via Daniel Zuchnik/Getty)

Go bold.

Jump into the look with both feet! Try a dress with a bright contrasting color knee sock (make sure it’s opaque), then pop your lip and extras to match. (Photo via Matthew Sperzel/Getty)

Try just a peak.

Still not sure about the whole thing? Lean into the style by working it with an ankle boot first. A sliver of sock that plays off the rest of your outfit will add that little extra something to take your look to the next level. (Photo via Christian Vierig/Getty)

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