Netflix may have thought they’d outdone their competitors once and for all when they announced their snazzy Disney deal, but it looks like they might have been preemptively excited. That’s because Hulu — who nabbed the rights to the Disney Channel — has just announced that they’ll be adding around 50 Disney movies to their streaming service soon. Yep, FIFTY! And we guarantee that includes some of your faves.


They’ve already begun streaming titles like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Sister Act, along with animated classics Mulan (which is currently getting the live-action treatment), Pocahontas and Hercules.

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

But that’s not where the viewing fun ends. Soon to be added will be a total range of titles, including action movies like Con Air,Gone in 60 Seconds and Pearl Harbor, along with fan faves like Step Up, Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion and The Mighty Ducks.

With the potential for even more (and newer) movies coming ASAP, this list is certainly a great way to start.

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(h/t Engadget; photos via Disney)