Does anyone even really have cable TV anymore? With on-demand, PVR and streaming services, we’re living in a wonderful age of being able to watch all our favorite shows any way we want. Now, with Hulu creating its own television-based live-streaming service, we’ll have even more ways to watch anything we want without actually having cable. While the company has been acquiring next-day shows from basic cable channels left, right and center, yesterday they released news on premium cable channels they’ll be live-streaming. And all us Disney fans are pretty thrilled at the news.


The streaming service has announced today that they have added Fox and Disney channels to their roster of live-streaming offerings. This is monumental, since more and more people are leaving traditional cable and satellite TV behind, but Netflix and other streaming services don’t always cut it. According to Hulu, for $40 a month, you basically get a whole suite of channels and streaming through the company’s platforms.

When Hulu announced their newest offering earlier this year, they shared their first partnership with Time-Warner (TNT, TBS, Adult Swim etc). This Disney announcement also sees Disney-owned channels like ABC, ABC Family, ESPN and more. It looks like Hulu’s live-stream TV might be even better than the real thing, since these partnerships have the live TV moving over to on-demand too.

We’re loving this new digital-based television era and can’t wait to see how the Hulu streaming service plays out, since we don’t even have to be home anymore to catch our favorite live TV moments.

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