You know what Fridays are for? Eye candy. Animated eye candy, at best. That’s why we’re kicking off a brand new series devoted to the art of the animated GIF. From beautiful to hilarious to totally weird, think of this as the BritList of GIFs, a weekly offering of moving images that will definitely make you look. They might even make you bust a move. To kick things off, here’s a smattering of art, nostalgia and, of course, dancing to get the T.GIF party started. Thank GIF it’s Friday, yo!

1. Balloons, Planters and Ladies: We’ll kick things off with an animated GIF from our how-to-make-a-GIF tutorial. If you want to see your GIFs on this list, share links with us in the comments below. (via Brit + Co.)

2. On Wednesdays, We Wear Pizza: This might be the best remix on wearing pink we’ve ever seen. Though, we’d say that Fridays are our preferred pizza-wearing day. (via Faye Orlove)

3. Little Miss Sunshine: Pure happiness.

4. Time in Motion by Fong Qi Wei: This beautiful series is comprised of works that compress a full day into an animated picture. We love the angular rays of sun that shimmer as time passes. (via urdesign)

5. Gisele’s Guide to Being a Serious Rock Star: This is a real thing, not scenes from a photo shoot. Gisele has oddly teamed up with Bob Sinclair to produce a cover of Blondie’s iconic Heart of Glass. And she clearly borrowed some of Kanye’s horses. We love the hotness that is Gisele but this, no, not this. (via The Cut)

6. Clueless 4Evr by Faye Orlove: Hello, it was his 50th birthday! (via I’m Remembering!)

7. Dancing Scenes from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: You know we love a little Fresh Prince action, and the Carlton always brings us back.

8. Grace Sketches: This subtle cinemagraph by Jamie Beck is pretty amazing. We love the fact that Grace Coddington sketches at fashion shows rather than snapping photos with her smartphone. (via Ann Street Studio)

9. Wolf of Wall Street Wedding Dance: Those are some serious moves. And Jonah Hill looks like he is about to fall over. (via Pandalala)

10. Oh RyGos: What would a GIF roundup be without Ryan Gosling? (via Celebuzz!)

11. Paula Deen Butter: We’ve shared this with you before, and we’ll share it again. Just DEEN WITH IT. (via Robot in Disguise)

12. Full House #Haters: Don’t do it… dude ;)

13. Animated Artwork by Rebecca Mock: These GIFs are sort of meditative, and the top one has us daydreaming about a day spent on a porch. (via Rebecca Mock)

14. We Can’t Stop, or the Most GIF-able Video Ever: The bear reveal is simply the best. (via Mashable)

15. James Van Der Beek Dancing: Pure awkwardness or pure genius? You decide.

Bonus: Gangnam Girls: Remember this old thang? 2012 was a good year for dancing GIFs. (via Brit + Co.)

What’s the best GIF you’ve seen this week? Share it with us in the comments below!