We all dream of the moment when we score that big promotion or close the deal that will officially catapult us from worker bee to HBIC. But getting to the top is only half the fun. The best part? Finally gifting yourself that one special something that makes you feel like you’ve officially made it. With that in mind, we asked a few of our favorite stylish women to give us the skinny on their first-ever fashion splurge they made pre- or post big break. Scroll down and get to shoppin’. You’ve earned it.

 Olivia Culpo, Fashion Influencer and DSW Style Ambassador

“My first major purchase was a pair of black, strappy, suede Prada heels I scored at a major discount. I was obsessed with them and wore them to everything — from college classes to casting calls. They even inspired my recent partnership with DSW because I understand the feeling of wanting something special, but at a price you can afford. I also believe that everyone needs quality staples in their wardrobe that can be worn many different ways — just like those black strappy heels.”

Kendra Scott, Jewelry Designer

“This wasn’t my first, but it’s definitely been my favorite. I bought a Gucci jacket from the Spring 2016 RTW Collection; a gorgeous leather jacket that had been hand painted, embroidered, and studded all at once. It was the artful mix of techniques that I fell in love with and inspired some of the details you’ll see in my Fall 2017 Collection, which will be available at my Color Bar during the Northern Trust Tournament this August. ”

Christine Cameron, Blogger of My Style Pill

“That would be a black Givenchy Pepe Pandora bag that I bought after I had my first big project for the blog. I remember being really anxious when buying it but knowing that I was going to have it forever. It was such an investment and I have no regrets. Five years later, it’s still relevant and I constantly reach for it to immediately elevate any outfit.”

Carly Helfrich, Founder and Designer of Los Angeles-Based Brand HELFRICH

“My first big designer splurge was a Louis Vuitton bucket bag. I saved my tips working as a hostess and my cash gifts from high school graduation, and I remember the store clerk’s surprise at my huge wad of cash — in all small bills. I justified the purchase as a long-term investment that would be timeless and get better with age.”

Norma Kamali, Designer

“When I was 15 years old, I was a vintage junkie, and I fell in love with and bought a silk chiffon printed bias gown. It was that dress that opened the door to my vintage collecting, and I lived as if every day was a dress-up experience in another time and place. Now I’m so excited to be showing items from my personal collection, along with my Archive one, at VINTAGE@Intermezzo, UBM Fashion‘s first vintage fair for consumers this August.”

 Rachel Roy, Designer

“I bought a pale blue dressing gown with tea-colored lace at a vintage store in Hollywood called Golyester. They specialize in 1920’s-1950’s dressing gowns and that is one of the most historical and exquisite pieces I own.”

Satu Maaranen, Marimekko Ready-to-Wear Designer

“It was a Celine wallet that I bought many years ago. The wallet was bi-colored leather — wine and tomato red — with heart shaped patchwork. I bought it for two reasons: first for the color (my Russian friend told me that if you have a red wallet it brings you more money and luck in business) and second for the heart detail (I felt carrying a heart with me would bring me luck in love). Celine is also one of my favorite brands — their values and quality in craftsmanship are important to me and it is an ideal brand for a working, independent woman.”

Samantha Steen, Designer of Cami NYC

“My first big fashion purchase was a pair of black stiletto Christian Louboutins when I graduated college and started my first job in the fashion industry. It was my way of feeling a bit more prepared in this new career that I was so passionate about and eager to start working in.”

Laney Crowell, Blogger of The Moment

“My first fashion splurge was a Stella McCartney dress. I had just moved to New York about six months prior. I was interning full time at Elle, hostessing on the weekends at Barbuto, and had absolutely no money. One day as I was walking along Hudson Street I saw a vision of a woman walking by in the most beautiful gauzy dress. I can still see her now. Weeks later I saw the dress in the Stella McCartney window. I don’t know what possessed me to walk in but I did, and the dress was on sale! It was over $500, but I tried it on and had to have it. Even though it has long lost its tiny buttons, and its blush color is sadly faded, it’s still hanging in my closet.”

Nyree Corby, Founder and CEO of Fame and Partners 

“My first big purchase was the Chanel Cambon Ligne Tote. I purchased it when the Chanel tote first came out in the ’90s — I was just a teenager — and I basically wheeled a wheelbarrow around my neighborhood selling crafts, worked extra hours at the corner store, and tutored students in various subjects to save up for it. It’s still worth $1,000 today, apparently!”

Bridget Brown, Co-Founder of Vegan Luxury Handbag Line Filbert

“I moved to a vegan lifestyle in 2012 after watching the documentary Vegucated because it made me realize how I was contributing to global animal cruelty, partly by wearing animal-based products. So my first splurge was a rose gold vegan-leather watch by Votch, a London-based startup. I love supporting small businesses run by other women, and Votch has a really special socially conscious thread. Every three months, they partner with a seasonal charity for their ‘Giving Back’ program and I splurged on the watch because it made me feel chic, the materials are incredible, and they invest back into their community. I love the unique color combo and especially enjoy when someone asks about it and is shocked to realize it’s not real leather!”

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