We are consumed by the constant fear of dropping our iPhone in the toilet, sink or even the ocean. It’s crippling. When/if the terror happens, the dilemma turns into a real nightmare, especially if the wet-phone-in-the-bag-of-rice trick fails to revive your device and you’re left phoneless. Are you even considered alive when that happens?! Turns out Apple might be looking out for those of us with slippery fingers in a new update for the next iPhone model. See ya never, Otterbox.


Yep, you may finally have the opportunity to toss that bulky waterproof cases out the window. Patently Apple discovered a patent filing by Apple that would make our coveted — but fragile — iDevices waterproof (wait, WHAT?!). The patent details iPhone buttons being placed above a sealed, watertight shelf that would lock into a position inside your iPhone to trap moisture and keep it from filtering further into your device so your phones circuitry doesn’t fry. It’s like an Apple-manufactured moisture panic room (that we will never open!).

Not only is Apple working on the waterproof button as a solution for the iPhone’s water dives, but according to Apple Insider the tech company also filed a patent to protect internal circuits from damage by coating them with hydrophobic coating — a material that would protect it from the short circuiting that occurs when high voltage parts are exposed to liquid. Okay Apple, we’re totally fine with you making a bionic iPhone. *praise hand emoji*


While we’re pretty much doing twirls through the office — with our iPhones as our dancing partners, naturally —don’t get too excited just yet. Apple is known to place plenty of patents during their development phases of each iPhone model that don’t end up making it to production. Ugh, such a tease. So just keep those fingers, toes, etc. crossed real tight this one will pull through for us beach selfie lovers.

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