What’s your go-to storage place for your photos? Maybe it’s an external hard drive? Or perhaps Dropbox? (Yeah, that’s a good one.) How about iPhoto? Okay, before we cue the cricket chirps, let’s check out Apple’s upcoming updates for their photo application. After scoping what’s in store, you might even switch over to the app as your default photo storage spot.


After updating iPhoto, you’ll immediately notice the icon has changed to the colorful flower image that was released with iOS 7’s flat look. Also, like iMessage, iPhoto has also dropped the “i” and become just Photos.

Everyone will be happy to find out that Photos is significantly faster than iPhoto and can handle a larger number of pics, whether you’ve synced them to iCloud or not. However, if you do sync all your photos to your iCloud account, be aware: More pics means more iCloud storage, and that means you’re going to have to pay up. If you have a whole bunch of selfies, group pics and just a lot of photos in general, extra cloud storage is going to cost you as much as $20 per month for one terabyte.


If you do choose to go the iCloud route, you’ll be able to find all your synced photos across all your Apple devices. Oh, and the cool part is if you make any edits on a photo from one device, the edits and the original will be saved across all your devices. Got a lot of non-Apple devices, you say? Well, syncing and editing won’t be as seamlessly integrated, but you can still upload your pictures into the Photos app.


Photos is definitely missing tools for the more advanced user, but it’s great for quick edits. There are filters and smart-sliders provided to turn all your snaps into picture perfection. Sharing your masterpieces is also a lot easier now. You can instantly share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and any other sites that provide compatible extensions, like Tumblr.

Now we’re wondering what other OS apps will get an update soon. Perhaps Photo Booth? Stickies? Either way, we’re pretty stoked about Photos for now.

Would you pay $20/month for a terabyte of iCloud storage? What other ways do you save your pics? Let us know in the comments below!

(h/t Wall Street Journal)