It’s not just you. If you’ve been browsing through the Netflix library lately and having a hard time finding anything to watch, know that you’re not alone. (Although if you ever need help picking something to watch, we’ve got you covered.) There’s now cold, hard data that not only is Netflix’s library shrinking, the amount of *good* movies is shrinking too.


The Streaming Observer did some research and found that Netflix now has 12 percent less “good” movies (“good” movies = movies in the IMDb Top 250 database) than it did just two years ago. There are currently only 31 titles in the Netflix library that made the “good” list. And this doesn’t seem to be a new trend. As Netflix’s partnerships with premium channels end, several are choosing not to renew. The contract ends and Netflix is left without titles.

But every cloud has a silver lining: The reason Netflix’s library has shrunk so considerably is the company’s goal to have 50 percent of its library be completely original content. So while the list of movies and shows available may shrink, the list of awesome shows like Stranger Things, House of Cards and OITNB will just keep growing. Pick your battles wisely.

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(h/t Gizmodo; photo via Getty)