Up, up in the sky — it’s not a bird, it’s definitely not a plane, it’s… a grilled cheese parachuting down?! Yes, yes it is. It’s a new kind of restaurant offering a unique delivery option that’s not quite takeout, more like… take off-and-out. The window. And it’s making us HUNGRY.

While it may sound like the plot of a children’s book, it’s actually Jafflechutes, the world’s first ever “float-down eatery” in Australia. “Jaffle” is the word for a sandwich toaster in Australia and, well, you get the chutes part. The Down Under grilled cheese pop-up store is making its American debut in New York City.

The sandwiches on their menu are simple: currently there’s the $5 “Drop It Like It’s Hot” (cheese and tomato) or the $6 “Gust of Wind” (cheese and ham). You order through PayPal, wait at an “X” on the street at the time you’re given. And then: Catch! It’s even easier than Seamless.

Sure, we like things as automated as possible these days, but there’s something especially joyful about your brown bagged lunch dropping into your arms like this. Even if you do technically have to go pick it up. And, yes, it would be most convenient in a city with tall buildings, and in a location close to your home or office. But, come on, what a cool concept! This could be the next “food truck.”

And if Jafflechutes is ever thinking about expanding to the catering biz, may we recommend the name ‘Chutes and Platters for that venture? Free ideas, come and get ’em!

What’s the craziest (and most delicious) sounding restaurant you’ve ever heard of or eaten at? Make our mouths water below!

(Photos: Knstrct)