Remember when you were a little kid and nothing made you happier than rocking your Lisa Frank or Power Rangers lunchbox? Channel that feeling in your grown-up life — less sparkly unicorns, more chic. These 28 lunch bags and boxes will make you the envy of the schoolyard… err, office!

1. Chevron Lunch Bag ($31): We’re loving the bright teal chevron against the more subtle olive. It takes color blocking up a notch — it’s more like pattern blocking!

2. POW! Bag ($16): Comic book inspired style is all the rage and it’s easy to see why! It makes you feel like a fashionista superhero, which is awesome. This lunch bag is funky and useful.

3. Compleat FoodSkin ($34): Billed as “the world’s most flexible lunchbox,” the Compleat FoodSkin is made of highly elastic silicone that will keep your sandwich fresh while preventing it from falling apart. When it’s empty, it’s totally flat, making it easy to store and carry home at the end of the day.

4. Artifact Lunch Tote ($65): This sturdy tote is a bit more masculine than the others on this list, and could be a great contrast with a more feminine outfit or as a gift for that guy in your life that needs to stop brown-bagging it.

5. Helen Dardik Lunch Bag ($16): A whimsical take on the lunch bag, this piece from Helen Dardik reminds you of the endless possibilities of every day.

6. Melie Bianco Bag ($24): With contrasting trim and bright colors, this bag will totally set your lunch apart from the crowd.

7. Chiyome ($65): This minimalist bag is utilitarian and modern. The canvas and leather material are high-quality and lend the simple bag a bit of texture.

8. Owl Lunch Bag (32): This cutesy lunch bag, printed in beautiful greens, would be fun for a picnic lunch.

9. Vintage Lunch Box ($23): It’s vintage, dah-ling. If you’re the kind of gal (or guy!) that goes thrifting every weekend, then this is the lunch box for you! We’re loving the retro vibe.

10. Mimot Studio Bag ($14): This reusable and collapsible lunch bag is weight-tested up to 25 pounds… So no matter what you’re having for lunch, you’re set.

11. Bento Colors ($25): This stylish version of the traditional bento box allows you to separate each component of your meal while rocking your favorite color.

12. Lunchbot Pink Felt ($21): This pink-on-charcoal color combo is pretty incredible and the insulated bag will keep your food as cool as you look.

13. ORE Good Lunch Sack ($18): These machine washable bags come in a variety of really incredible colors, like Lemony Lime and Pink Punch, that are totally our jam.

14. Golden Leather Paper Bag ($84): This take on the paper bag trend is totally elegant and glam. The golden leather exterior looks incredible juxtaposed with the baby blue interior. You could use it as a classy lunch bag or even as a purse.

15. Tiffin Lunch Kit ($65): These stackable ceramic bowls are easily transportable and the cork seal doubles as a plate so it’ll be super easy to eat on-the-go.

16. Grub Lunch Bag ($29): Get your grub on! This typography-based bag is cute and just the right amount silly. We’re into it.

17. Frozzypack ($26): Freeze your Frozzypack and the cool gel in the lid will keep your food cool for up to seven hours.

18. “Eat Me” Recycled Bag ($14): Feeling a bit like Alice in Wonderland today? Get this literature-inspired tote and watch out for white rabbits!

19. Banded Lunch Box ($10): This is funny and sweet — the text reminds you to eat healthy while the band keeps your lunch together. When you lift the band, the text reads “No Peeping,” a cute way to keep your coworkers from snooping through your snacks.

20. Doggy Bag ($20): We can’t decide what we love more — the pun or this adorable dog illustration. We’ll take both!

21. Road Trip ($20): “What, like on vacay? Let’s all go! Road trip!” All Legally Blonde quotes aside, road trips are awesome but nothing without snacks. What better way to pack your treats than in this adorable insulated lunch tote.

22. Boombox Tin ($16): Keep it old school with this traditional lunchbox style with a retro boombox design. 90’s hip-hop is the appropriate soundtrack when you’re eating out of this guy.

23. Lego Lunch Box ($16): Legos are awesome and this brick-shaped lunch box is perfect for all those kids-at-heart that can’t get enough of the fun building blocks.

24. FEED for Target ($10): Why just shop when you can shop and do good at the same time? For every bag you buy, FEED donates 8 meals to the hungry. Nice!

25. PackIt ($20): Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, this freezable lunch bag is made from eco-friendly materials.

26. BUILT Gourmet Getaway ($22): Another option that allows you to choose between a lot of different colors, this bag is stain-resistant and machine washable, ensuring that it’ll stay as pretty and fresh as the day you got it.

27. I Am a To Go Box ($10): This quirky find has us giggling and is sure to start a conversation at the lunch table. We think it’d be great if you were trying to hack some healthy Chinese food recipes for lunch or even to bring your leftovers in!

28. Brown Paper Bag ($21): Don’t ditch the brown paper bag aesthetic. This tear-proof insulated bag looks like your regular old bag but it’s way more sturdy and environmentally friendly.

Do you bring your lunch to the office? Which of these bags/boxes is your fave? Tell us in the comments below!