The saying usually goes 鈥渢he dog looks like their owner,鈥 but what if you and your four-legged friend could dress alike too? That鈥檚 the idea behind Jimmy Choo鈥檚 latest paw-focused collection Choo Hound, modeled by Allison Williams鈥 new pooch, and looking to give your doggie day-cations a major style upgrade.


Pre-Fall Capsule Collection Choo Hound is actually a collab with famous Instagram artist Rafael Mantesso and his bull terrier, Jimmy Choo. Yep, that鈥檚 the dog鈥檚 actual name (collab made in marketing heaven ;) The Insta-famous dog is featured heavily in whimsical illustrations on an iPhone case, handbags and even leather + gold-studded collars.

While the assorted pieces for humans and pets are all adorable and immediately went into our shopping cart, we had to hold the leash a little tight on our clutches, as they range from $75 for the case, $395 for a fab collar and up to $595 for a bull terrier-accented wallet. That鈥檚 a lot of dog treats Jimmy would be missing out on.


If you鈥檙e into these pieces, save up your kibbles and bits. If not, call Fido up on your lap and have some bonding time with your pup over a little virtual window shopping ;)

Will you be picking up one of these dog-centric clutches or even a blinged-out collar for your four-legged friend? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t Racked, photos via Jimmy Choo Facebook)