There’s no shame in being one of those pet owners who’s always snapping pics of their furry friends. It’s hard to find an un-photogenic puppy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative when snapping away. These photo shoot ideas will take your ‘grams to the next level of cute, and maybe, just maybe, your pooch will become Insta-famous.


1. Puppy Love: Who’s your pup crushing on? Invite a special friend over for a play date and photograph the sparks that fly. (via Brit + Co)


2. Pose Away: Does your dog really stay when you say “stay”? Pose her in unlikely places for funny and surreal shots. Bonus points if she’s got good balance. (via @thiswildidea)


3. Caught in Action: It might take a few tries, but flying action shots are so darn cute. Let your pup’s fur fly. (via @emwng)


4. Welcome to the Family: This family spoofed a newborn baby photoshoot with the furriest new member of their family. It’s a hilarious and sweet way to show how much they love their pup. (via Jamie Clauss/Count It Joy Photography)


5. Picasso Pup: Creatively incorporate your dog into art like illustrator Rafael Mantusso and his dog, Jimmy Choo. You might just be the next best artistic duo. (via @rafaelmantesso)


6. Selfies for All: Everyone loves selfies, even your dog. Don’t let him play fetch with the selfie stick though. (via @jermzlee)


7. Where Your Dog Goes: See the world through your dog’s eyes by letting her wear a GoPro. There’s even a special harness just for dogs! (via GoPro)


8. On Set: Set up a funny human-like scene with your pup at the center of it. Try to capture your dog’s particular personality. (via @maya_on_the_move)


9. Puppy Pals: Make sure to shoot your pup with his pals! Take him to a meetup and shoot away. (via @ruffcutzdtla)


10. Fashion Show-off: Is your dog NYFW’s next top model? Dress her up and let her strut her stuff! (via @trotterpup)


11. Hiking Dogs: Take your mountain views from breathtaking to cute by popping your furry hiking buddies into the shot. (via @doghikers)


12. Star of the Show: If your dog is a true “pup star,” get the costume to show it. Katy Perry dress up is one way to show off star quality. (via Brit + Co)


13. Cute All Around: Make sure to highlight your pup’s cutest asset… if you know what we mean. (via @frenchiebutt)

What’s your dog’s favorite pose? Share it with us in the comments below!