Bobs were big on the Golden Globes red carpet. From Sienna Miller’s perfectly tousled chop to Rosamund Pike’s sleek chin-length style to Viola Davis’ bombshell curls, it seemed like girls with short hair had basically taken over the show. That didn’t phase Allison Williams, who (even with her long layered hair!) took part in the trend by donning a short, glossy asymmetrical bob. Not really though — if she didn’t cut her hair for Peter Pan Live! you bet she wouldn’t for an awards show. Instead, the Girls star employed a glamorous hair hack — the faux bob — to transform her lengthy manes into an off-the-shoulders style for one night only. Scroll through our tutorial to see how you can get that same short and chic tilt for your next formal fête in just four steps (winter weddings, watch out!).


Step 1: Side Part + Backcomb

Using a rattail comb, place a dramatic side part into your hair, then backcomb very thin pieces of hair in the position that your locks are falling.


Step 2: Curl + Set Your Hair

Take a section of hair that’s about 1 1/2 to 2-in wide and about 1-in thick and spray it with a heat protector like Kenra Platinum Hot Spray ($13). Comb through it with your fingers. Then starting at the roots, curl your hair down your head with a 2-inch barrel curling iron. Pull the wand out while holding the pin curl and clip the base of the curl with a duckbill clip. Continue curling and pinning around your head — always curling down — until your head is covered.


Step 3: Release + Tease

Release the duckbill clips once the curls are completely cool to touch. Gently run your fingers through your hair to break, then take a wide tooth rattail comb and backcomb up into the shape of the curls to create volume.


Step 4: Pin Up Your Hair

Section your hair into four equal parts. Starting with the section of hair behind your ear closest to the part, tuck the locks behind your ear and roll up the ends back into the curl. When you get to the shape of the pin curl you like, carefully cross pin into place with bobby pins at the nape of your hair to lock it in place.


Blend the next section of hair with the top of the one you just pinned, then roll it up and pin into place. On the third section of hair, loosen the curl to begin creating the asymmetrical effect, then repeat.


On your final section of hair, roll up the curl in line with your tapered tresses. Cross pin into place at the nape of your previous section of hair to anchor the curl and allow for natural movement. Spray generously with hairspray to finish the look.


Our final faux bob has noticeably more volume than Allison’s almost wet-looking bob — with your bangs more casually swept, the look feels more wearable. If you *do* want a sleeker formal fakie, skip the backcombing entirely and apply a generous amount of hair wax before you pin your curls in place.

What looks from the Golden Globes are you hoping to re-create? Tell us in the comments below and stay tuned for more straight-off-the-red carpet tutorials.

(Photos Frazer Harrison, Jason Merritt/Getty)