JK Rowling has a seemingly never-ending supply of Harry Potter revelations (and hints about Fantastic Beasts 2), but her latest project is a step away from the wizarding world. After successfully turning her work into movie franchises and plays, the outspoken author is now turning her attention back to television. The Cuckoo鈥檚 Calling, which Rowling wrote following the Harry Potter series, has been adapted to a BBC series called Strike: The Cuckoo鈥檚 Calling and is set to premiere on August 27 in the UK.

Rowling famously published The Cuckoo鈥檚 Calling under the pen name Robert Galbraith. The novel later became part of the Cormoran Strike trilogy, which follows the eponymous character鈥檚 crime-solving life as a private investigator in London with his assistant, Robin Ellacott. Actor Tom Burke will play Strike on the TV show, while Holliday Grainger will play Ellacott.

Rowling certainly seems to have a magic touch, but don鈥檛 hold your breath for any wizardry in this show, or even any Sherlock hat tips, as tempting as that may be for a London-based detective show. As the show鈥檚 executive producer Ruth Kenley-Letts told The Guardian, Strike will be portrayed as the hardworking, non-magical man he is.

鈥淲hat makes Strike an exceptional investigator is that he just works very hard,鈥 Kenley-Letts explained. 鈥淗e鈥檚 not like Sherlock 鈥 blessed with the ability to see everything. He鈥檚 a former soldier who lost a leg in Afghanistan and who had a difficult upbringing. He鈥檚 not magical. There鈥檚 something appealing about that. It makes a nice change to have a show where the crimes aren鈥檛 solved in a clever-dick way but because they put the effort in.鈥

Rowling knows a little something about putting in the effort. Tom Edge, who worked with her to adapt the series, described her as 鈥渟omeone who cares deeply for her characters, so she was never just going to throw over the books and say, see you next year.鈥 He continued, 鈥淪he was incredibly supportive, very generous 鈥 and always able to articulate with real precision when a character moment wasn鈥檛 working.鈥

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