Fans are already freaking out over the future of the Fantastic Beasts鈥 characters and the prequel wizarding world of Harry Potter. News that Johnny Depp would be joining the franchise stirred up quite the controversy, while Jude Law鈥檚 casting as a young Dumbledore had fans divided over the epic role. Now, JK Rowling has taken to Twitter (this time NOT to take down trolls) to give us a HUGE hint about Fantastic Beasts 2.

JK Rowling _ 2017

Hopping onto Twitter yesterday to let fans know what she鈥檚 been up to, the world-famous author sent out the message, 鈥淭oday I鈥檝e rewritten until my brain feels like a used teabag & I daren鈥檛 reread in case I can鈥檛 sleep for hating it. #JobSatisfaction.鈥

Fans couldn鈥檛 resist the urge to ask her about Fantastic Beasts 2, knowing fully well what she鈥檚 toiling away on鈥

Though, TBH, Rowling wasn鈥檛 so sure鈥

And when fans kept asking about various deets, the wizarding wordsmith highlighted one tweet that she claims is a big spoiler鈥

What might that potential spoiler be? Here鈥檚 the question that鈥檚 sparked the biggest hint we have so far鈥

This points (very strongly) to the possibility that Newt鈥檚 patronus is going to be a key part of Fantastic Beasts 2. Because we know that a patronus can be influenced by a loved one, we can鈥檛 help but think this is somehow linked to the fact that Newt鈥檚 childhood love, Leta Lestrange, will appear in the next film, played by Zo毛 Kravitz. Now, it looks like she might be even more influential to Newt (and the situations that he finds himself in) than we first suspected.

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