Somehow we knew we could always rely on designer and happy home guru Jonathan Adler to put the glamour back into travel in a world where the Ostrich Pillow exists. Now in his colorful collaboration with elite luggage brand Tumi, Adler stamps his cheeky twist on travel essentials that make jet setting look as chic as it sounds.

The collection of carryalls and trip accessories feature an eye-popping Art Deco-inspired chevron pattern in two vibrant ombre color palettes. The hard shell rolling luggage is made from a durable, lightweight alloy that will hold its own whether it鈥檚 checked or carried on, and boasts an interior tricked out with tie-down straps, multiple zip pockets and all the impressive fixin鈥檚 you鈥檇 expect from a Tumi bag.

Soft-cased varieties include a nylon four-wheeler and fabric duffel bags that steal the spotlight in this collection of stand outs with playful phrases printed across their striped sides. Can we request one printed with Keep Chic and Carry On, please?

Even travel packs and toiletry cases get the signature JA makeover (they really are the most colorful suitcase space savers we鈥檝e seen). And yeah, the mod-patterned neck pillows are super fly, too.

The high end luggage starts at $445 for rollers, and hovers between $55-$145 for travel kits and duffel bags. Color-loving globetrotters, this is the only luggage you鈥檒l ever need. But if that鈥檚 spending money you鈥檇 rather see go toward souvenirs, you can always brand your current suitcase with a posh leather luggage tag. Adler also has a variety of accessories and passport booklets unrelated to this collab that were just too cute NOT to include (check 鈥榚m out below). They鈥檙e all available in punchy prints for less than $40, and some for as low as $8. Hostel prices for resort levels of luxury? Come fly with ME!

How do you travel in style? Do you pounce on designer collabs to up your airport-ready look? Tell us in the comments below.