A decade after winning the sixth season of American Idol (which is about to make a major comeback in the spring), Jordin Sparks is celebrating more life-altering news. The singer has just revealed that she鈥檚 married AND pregnant!

The 27-year-old gleefully shared with People that she tied the knot with her 25-year-old bae, aspiring model Dana Isaiah, while on vacation in Hawaii with a small group of friends in July. 鈥淚t just more solidifies the whole team sentiment of a relationship,鈥 Sparks said of their new marriage. 鈥淵ou know you鈥檙e still individuals, but at the same time everything is about 鈥榳e鈥 and 鈥榰s鈥 as opposed to 鈥榶ou鈥 and 鈥業.'鈥

And that team is about to get one more member! Just a month after their nuptials, the pair found out that they are expecting their first child. 鈥淚t鈥檚 been really crazy because everything changes,鈥 Sparks admitted. 鈥淥nce we got over the initial shock of it, now again just like it is with the marriage, to be able to share that this amazing thing is happening, it鈥檚 such a great thing. We did this together!鈥

The now-married pair actually have their moms to thank for their connection. Though Sparks had decided to put her love life on the back-burner after dating Jason Derulo and Sage the Gemini, she ended up meeting her future hubby鈥檚 family this past February, when she visited Houston during Super Bowl weekend with her charity campaign I鈥檓 M.A.D., Are You?

Weeks later, when Isaiah informed his mother that he had plans to move to LA for his career, his mom and Sparks鈥 mom arranged a group text chat with their kiddos. 鈥淢y mom was trying to get [Jordin] to talk me out of moving to LA because she鈥檚 experienced the industry out here,鈥 the new groom explained to People. 鈥淚t wasn鈥檛 like, 鈥榃e want you guys to date.'鈥

The moms may not have been in matchmaking mode, but there was obviously a connection between the performer and the model. According to People, they talked nearly every day for a month before Isaiah finally flew out west during Easter weekend for an agency meeting, which also led to a meet-up between the now-newlyweds. 鈥淎 couple days after we had actually met, I was like in my head, 鈥楾hat鈥檚 going to be my husband! That鈥檚 my husband right there,'鈥 Sparks told the mag. 鈥淲hen I鈥檓 with him, I feel comfort and safety and calm and peace, and those aren鈥檛 things that I normally felt. So it was a little wake-up call for me.鈥

Isaiah has now moved to LA, so while his mom鈥檚 plan to keep him away from the city might not have worked out as she planned, it seems like the family ended up with an even better outcome.

Congratulations to the newlyweds and expectant parents!

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(Photo via Earl Gibson III/WireImage)