2001 may not seem like that long ago, but in fact, it鈥檚 been 15 long years since Justin Timberlake and then-girlfriend Britney Spears walked the AMA red carpet in head-to-toe denim. Yep, that iconic look that is still burned into our brains and sparked endless headlines is still a topic of convo for the now 35-year-old married father. And while we all may have our opinions on that epic style choice, Justin himself has a thing or two to say about it as well.

Justin Timberlake denim outfit

According to HelloGiggles, while Timberlake was chatting with the folks over at The Project, he had some wise words learned from his experience, saying, 鈥淚f you wear denim on denim, it will get documented.鈥 Noted. And agreed. Even if you鈥檙e not a celeb, there鈥檚 a good chance your friends will morph into insta-paparazzi the minute you walk through the door in a full-on denim get-up.

There are rare times when folks may be able to pull-off double denim, but Justin doesn鈥檛 feel like he鈥檚 the one to do it. At least, not in the red-carpet look he was sporting. 鈥淵ou know what, I don鈥檛 think even I could even bring that back.鈥 And that鈥檚 probably best, IMHO.

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(h/t Hello Giggles; photo via Jeffrey Mayer/Getty)