Ah, Britney and Justin. Remember them? These days, Britney Spears is all about teasing her new album, while Justin Timberlake is a totally devoted dad, but back in the day, they were the hottest pair in Hollywood. From their red carpet appearances (remember the duo denim fiasco?!) to their adorable basketball playin’, the couple was a pop dream come true. That is, until their ugly alleged cheating-based break-up (“cry me a riiiver…”). But now, the two who have seemingly gone their separate ways over the years are together again… on the charts, that is.

Justine Timberlake and Britney Spears

Brit’s new song “Make Me” hit the Internet last night and is sure to be the sultry musical vibe of the summer …especially if the charts have anything to say about it. Flying up to #1 almost immediately, Britney not only roped herself another massive hit, she also managed to knock her ex, Justin Timberlake, out of the top spot.

iTunes chart _ July 15, 2016

Justin’s “CAN’T STOP THE” had been dominating the charts — that is, until Britney decided to get back into the game yet again with the song that just wants you to “go with it, cause there’s no way / We’re hiding away from this tonight, oh, this tonight.”

Take a listen for yourself and decide if you’re into Brit’s new tune or prefer Justin’s now number-two song.

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(h/t Refinery 29; photos via screenshot, Kevin Winter, Vince Bucci/Getty)