Just a few days after posting her 鈥渨orld鈥檚 best鈥 cherry pie recipe online (and asking fans to make the pie for her), Katy Perry has announced the release of her latest single. And unsurprisingly, the singer, whose love of food (or hate, like when it comes to her tasting the Unicorn frapp) is well-known among her fans, is taking her inspiration from fruits and veggies once more for her latest track name.

Perry rewarded those that baked in her honor when she announced late last night that she would be dropping a new single, called 鈥淏on App茅tit鈥 featuring Migos.

Compliments of the chef: 4.28.17 馃懇馃徏鈥嶐煃

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It鈥檚 not the first time the 32-year-old has tied her love of food into her music: As you鈥檒l likely recall, her entire California Girls look revolved around candy and cookies, and the video for 鈥淒ark Horse鈥 features Cheetos (among other snacks).

While we have no idea what this single will even sound like, every rapper collab Perry鈥檚 done has been nothing short of amazing, so our hopes are high, though it will likely be a different Perry than the one we鈥檝e grown used to. The singer recently talked about a new musical direction she鈥檚 taking, so we鈥檙e guessing it will be slightly deeper than her past material. Her political hit 鈥淐hained to the Rhythm,鈥 for example, was written in response to her feelings on last year鈥檚 polarizing election.

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