Katy Perry is usually totally up front with fans — just check out her reaction to the Unicorn Frappuccino for a prime example — but now, people suspect that there’s far more behind her latest message than first meets the eye (and taste buds!). The superstar singer has provided her followers with what she claims is the world’s best cherry pie recipe (mmm, pie!), but we’re warning you now: It’s a total tease! That’s because there may be a secret message behind the tasty treat, and we’re here to decode it.

Katy Perry

Sending out a cherry pie recipe via her newsletter, as well as on social media sites like Twitter, the singer not only claims that it’s the world’s BEST, but she also added the curiosity-piquing message, “Bake me a pie and you may get a surprise 😉🍒.” O rly?!

While we’re pondering that hint, folks have also noticed another interesting fact. We surely have no doubt that Perry’s cherry pie is super tasty, but there’s something very strange about the recipe. With helpful instructions included, natch, either the star just really likes to make pie or we’re supposed to notice something specific about lines like, “Please just take your time/ This pie is gonna hit that sweet tooth, boy/ Calm those hungry eyes/ Bon Appétit, baby!” Song lyrics, perhaps?

Could this mean that a new single is on the way? We can only hope!

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(h/t Billboard; photo via Christopher Polk/Getty)