When you’re off exploring a faraway land, some super touristy moments are bound to happen. To an extent, they are inevitable, so we say, why not embrace them? Want to rock that “I <3 NY” tee at the Met? Go for it, girl. But if you do, we suggest taking a few pointers from Katy Perry. The pop star recently shared some snaps on Instagram of her trip to Italy and to say they rule would be an understatement.

1. Take a selfie with some art. Rather than just snapping a picture of a legendary painting you’ve traveled miles to see, why not actually put yourself in the photo with it? Katy and her assistant took in Botticelli’s legendary “The Birth of Venus” painting at the Uffizi Gallery and then took a silly snap with the iconic lady.

2. Get a little playful. KP, you naughty lady! We think it’s safe to say David’s probably wishing for some pants right about now.

3. Create an optical illusion. Whenever the chance for an optical illusion presents itself, we say, take it! Pinch the Eiffel Tower, hold up the Leaning Tower of Pisa… the opportunities are endless.

4. Keep it Classy. Silly photos are super fun, but make sure to take at least a few normal ones to send to mom :)

Do you have any hilarious travel photos? Share a link with us in the comments below. We’d love to see!

(photos via @katyperry)