Remember how obsessed you were with Claire’s back in middle school? Well, grab your BFFs and plan a trip to the mall, because Katy Perry just made Claire’s your new favorite thing. Fresh off her mind-blowing, shark-dancing Super Bowl halftime show, Katy Perry has launched a new accessories line with Claire’s appropriately called “Eat Ur Heart Out.” From hamburgers to cupcakes, the pieces encapsulate everything you would expect and probably have seen Katy Perry wear at some point in the past.


This is the fifth line Katy Perry has released as part of her PRISM Collection with Claire’s. Eat Ur Heart Out is influenced by Katy’s love of bright colors and pop art. In particular, the visuals from the “This Is How We Do” video clearly inspired many of the pieces. In that video, Katy rocked a pizza bathing suit, so maybe a fast-food clothing line will be up next?


This Macaron iPhone Cover ($14) makes our sweet tooth ache. We need some sparkles on our phones stat.


The popcorn in this Popcorn Ring ($5) is made of pearl beads. Stop. We’re dying.


Um, can you say, “Perfect for Valentine’s Day?” Your date will want to just eat you up when you show up in these Cupcake Drop Earrings ($5).


Go ahead, buy yourself a Pepperoni Pizza Pendant Necklace ($5). And wear it like a trophy.


It’s pretty much a known fact that no one will mess with you when you’re strutting around in a pair of Hamburger Sunglasses ($14).


We’re filling up our virtual shopping cart with these crazy affordable pieces. Just $5 for a statement necklace? No problem.


Did Katy Perry’s rainbow sparkle Super Bowl show totally inspire you to start copying her style? Let us know in the comments!