A Monday night episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians after a very special mime episode? What special occasion could possibly merit an even more special episode on a special day? Could it be a plot about Kris鈥檚 ears? Is it Khlo茅鈥檚 deteriorating relationship with Corey? Or could it be what we鈥檝e known in hearts to be true for so long? Will our MVP finally admit that she鈥檚 making her own little MVP to fit in adorable little Good American clothes? Fingers crossed, y鈥檃ll!

Before the big revelation, we have to deal with the fact that Corey has been talking about Khlo茅 behind her back. You monster, she鈥檚 maybe pregnant! After hearing one too many instances of Corey saying that Khlo茅 hates him, Kourtney insists that the two talk at a family function, but Corey avoids Khlo茅 the whole time. Khlo茅 tells Kris that she鈥檚 concerned and that she鈥檒l try to work it out with Corey over lunch. At lunch, Corey and Khlo茅 can鈥檛 agree on who鈥檚 being stand-offish to whom. Tristan encourages her to text Corey and keep things cordial, because Tristan鈥檚 the best and will maybe make a great dad if Khlo茅鈥檚 in fact pregnant. Eventually, Khlo茅 invites Corey to Steve Harvey with her and he lint brushes her, so I guess they鈥檙e cool!

Ever since Kim made a comment about her ears, Kris is concerned that they鈥檙e too big and that she needs to get work done on them. She goes to a consultation with Dr. Jason Diamond, who tells her an earlobe reduction will take five to 10 years off of her face. Ummm, okay. I learn something new from the Kardashians every week, but I didn鈥檛 realize I knew so little about how ears age people.

Lest you think that this will end with a heartwarming realization that large earlobes are a part of the beautiful process of aging, Kris straight up gets chunks of her ear chopped off and with only a local anesthetic! I don鈥檛 know that her ears look all that different now, but perhaps it鈥檚 just thinking that she鈥檚 turned back the hands of time that makes all the difference? Kris continues to obsess over her earlobes and shows off dangling earrings to Kendall hoping that she鈥檒l notice a huge difference. Kendall congratulates Kris once Kris pressures her into acknowledging her newfound ear confidence. You go, girl?

Khlo茅 has been feeling bloated lately and has some trouble doing crunches. What could it possibly be?She discovers that she鈥檚 pregnant and OUR LONG SPECULATIVE NIGHTMARE IS FINALLY OVER. She tells her assistant Alexa and Tristan but keeps it from her family in anticipation of a big family barbecue with Kardashian/Jenners and the Johnsons. After some awkward hugging and a shot of Kanye鈥檚 back, Khlo茅 and Tristan finally reveal that she鈥檚 pregnant. Kris cries. Kylie cries over FaceTime, because we鈥檙e not allowed to see her in person this season for some reason. Kylie, can鈥檛 you see how good it feels for Khlo茅 to be free from the burden of keeping a secret inside her tummy?? The water鈥檚 warm over here where we all admit how pregnant we are.

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