We’ll take any excuse we can get to drink margaritas around here. Our latest excuse: Cinco de Mayo! Rather than making classic margaritas, we decided to put a double spin on our margarita recipe by using key limes instead of regular limes and adding some Corona to tip our hats to Mexico. The key lime adds an extra punch, and the Corona adds a bit of fizz for some excellent mouth feels. Read on for the instructions, and make this your Drinko de Mayo.


 (makes one marg)

— 1 1/2 shots tequila blanco

— 1 shot triple sec

— 1/2 shot limeade

— 1/2 shot of key lime juice

— 1 1/2 shots of Corona

— salt



1. Juice enough key limes to fill half a shot glass.

2. Pour all of the liquid ingredients into a shaker filled with ice.

3. Salt the rim of your margarita glass. To make it stick, run a sliced lime around the edge. Then turn the glass upside down into a plate of salt.

4. Add ice to the glass, then the drink. Sip and enjoy!


We tried using a handheld juicer with the key limes but found that we weren’t able to get all of the juice out of each half. A juicer like the one pictured above works best. Note that the key limes have a bit more POW! than regular limes. After you’ve juiced the limes, add your liquid ingredients to an ice-filled shaker.


A margarita isn’t complete without a salt (or sugared) rim! Any coarse salt will do the trick. Once your glass is ready, pour your shaken drink over ice.


These glasses look kind of like martini glasses, especially with our key lime stir sticks.


One of our resident Texans said that pitchers of beergaritas are always served with an upside down beer inside, so we had to follow suit. The trick is to flip it into the pitcher quickly.


All you need for a full party is some delicious Mexican food, some cacti and a string of papel picado (tissue flags).


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DIY Production and Styling: Roxy Taghavian

Photography: Kurt Andre