There’s something so cozy about taking a bath, and piping hot fried chicken is called comfort food for a reason — so what happens when you mix the two? Well, self-care seekers, wonder no more. Colonel Sanders’s empire just launched a fried-chicken flavored bath bomb.

Before you fill up the tub, take note: As of now, the product is only available in Japan. And even if you do happen to live in Japan, your chances of snagging one are slim, as there are only 100 available. KFC paired up with eclectic bookstore Village Vanguard to release the limited-edition bath bomb — and yes, it’ll smell like the delicious mix of 11 herbs and spices that the Colonel so secretly formulated so many years ago.

KFC Japan’s official twitter account posted a pumped-up pic of the chicken-shaped tub accessory urging followers to retweet for a chance to win. The competition lasts through November 15, at which point 100 lucky fast-food aficionados will earn the privilege of basking in the scent of secret spices.

KFC Smart Phone

If you happen to be on that side of the Pacific to enter, you must follow the official KFC Japan account and retweet their contest announcements every day. You can enter as many times as you want during the competition.

Believe it or not, this isn’t the poultry chain’s first foray into the beauty sphere: The fizzy treat is preceded by KFC’s Finger Lickin’ Good nail polish and Extra Crispy Sunscreen (both are exactly what they sound like — flavored lacquer and chicken scented SPF, respectively).

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(Photo via KFC)