Coding has never been cooler. From supermodel/T-Swift BFF Karlie Kloss to the tech girls at Google, it seems like everyone is getting in on the game. And while we’ve always preached the importance of starting ’em young, it seems like the Brits are actually making the advice mandatory. This fall, UK tweens will get their own hacking kit to tinker with called the BBC Micro: Bit.


According to TechCrunch, the device will encourage preteens to get creative with programming, digital technology and coding. The microcomputer will feature two buttons, tons of programmable LED lights and an in-built motion sensor. When the kids become engaged, they can transform it into whatever they want it to be. Suggested projects include turning it into a metal detector or programming its buttons to work as a video game controller. There will also be supplemental kits available for purchase that will help kids complete projects such as making an instrument or an electronic synthesizer.


The initiative is designed by a super cool start-up called Technology Will Save Us committed to filling a need for more tech workers and providing basic computer 101 to users. The company’s tagline, Welcome to the Maker Generation, tugs at our own heartstrings.


The head of BBC learning likens it to handing a child a paintbrush. Coding, like creating, comes from experience. Simple concept, big results. Now, when are we going to catch up with a similar program stateside?

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(h/t BBC; denzeen)