If you’re struggling to pick a kids party theme for your mini me, we’ve rounded up the best of the best. There’s everything from the classic dinosaur theme done right to tiny tot taco parties. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cake smash for a one-year-old or a five-year-old’s party with a hoard of kids — there’s a little something for everyone in this list.

1. Tropical Dinosaur: This blue and green tablescape is an updated version of the classic dino theme. With the party hats, dinosaur eggs, mylar balloons of T-Rexes, and cupcakes with colorful fondant, you’ll have a prehistoric bash of epic proportions. (via Oh Happy Day)

2. Sprinkles Everywhere: Everyone has been to an ice cream party, but a sprinkles party? Yas, please. Add them to popcorn, hats, treats, and crafts! (via Pizzazzerie)

3. Woodland Critters: This party is appropriate year-round and lets you sneak in some vegetables at the food table. Invite kids and parents to come in their best lumberjack outfits. (via Land of Nod)

4. Taco Fiesta: Bring the magic of the taco stand to a kids party near you! And whatever you do, don’t forget the piñata. (via Studio DIY)

5. Astronaut Party: This party is lit and ready for blast-off. With their own personal jetpacks and space ship water bottles, kids can live their best intergalactic life. (via Kara’s Party Ideas)

6. Retro Rainbow: Sometimes color is the only decor you need. This retro rainbow theme is a fun way to create a bright party with plenty of patterns and DIY opportunities. (via Oh Happy Day!)

7. Party Animals: Why choose just one animal when you can use them all? Just add bright colors and animal decor to get the look. (via Oh It’s Perfect)

8. Mad Scientist: Your kiddo’s birthday is the perfect opportunity to splurge on all the scientist laboratory Halloween decor. The little ones can invent their own drink formulas and experiment with foam! (via Sugar & Cloth)

9. Beach Luau: Reuse all that trendy flamingo and pineapple decor for a kid’s beach luau. Pick up a few ukelele’s and get ready for some sweet Insta-worthy moments. (via Southern Style Guide)

10. Rainbows & Unicorns: With this theme, you’ll basically be #winning at the party game. Be sure to pick up unicorn horn hats and rainbow streamers for those finishing touches. (via Land of Nod)

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