School‘s way out. And with your kids home for the summer, chances are that you hear “I’m bored” at least a couple times a day. To avoid getting burned out on the seemingly endless number of play dates and pool trips, why not keep your kids happy and occupied with a themed summer party? Not only will the party activities entertain them, but the personalized theme will give your little one the chance to share what they love with all of their friends. From vintage detective to carnival, here are 15 party themes that guarantee a celebration for all kiddos (and adults) to enjoy.


1. Angry Birds Party: Getting kids to embrace the outdoors rather than a tablet doesn’t have to be hard, especially when you introduce them to an outdoor version of the game they love. All you’ll need for a life-sized backyard game of Angry Birds is a few plushies, some cardboard boxes and a rubber ball! (via Kara’s Party Ideas)


2. Sailor Party: Photo booths are popular with most guests, especially when they incorporate kid-friendly DIY elements like that newspaper hat. Along with some backyard water games, this sailor party is sure to be a summer favorite. (via Diaper Style Memories)


3. Vintage Superhero Party: With the superhero craze at an all-time high, it’s about time to take a trip down memory lane back to where it all began — with comics! Featuring capes and skyscrapers galore, this vintage superhero party is, well, super. (via Anders Ruff Custom Designs)


4. Epic ’80s Neon Party: They might not have lived through the ’80s, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the fun fads. It’s high time someone threw a rad neon party. (via Kara’s Party Ideas)


5. Water Wipeout Party: By combining water and blow-up obstacle courses, a Wipeout theme is practically made for a backyard summer party. Just turn on those sprinklers and you’re all set. (via Popsugar)


6. Alice in Wonderland Party: Been dreaming of the Mad Hatter‘s tea party? Now’s your kid’s chance to take a trip down the rabbit hole. (via Red Tricycle)


7. Vintage Detective Party: Your little one may not be able to watch True Detective, but they can certainly get in on the mystery in their own way. With a criminal investigation, a photo booth and some perfect disguises, this is one party they’ll never forget. (via Anders Ruff Custom Designs)


8. Under the Sea Party: With Finding Dory coming out next year, there’s never been a better time to introduce young kids to the movie that started it all. A simple “under the sea” party theme is perfect for all ages, and you can even screen Finding Nemo as a part of it. (via Chickabug)


9. Peter Pan Neverland Party: That might just be the cutest Peter Pan we’ve ever seen. After setting up these different stations, your little one’s actually never going to want to leave Neverland. (via Marigold Mom)


10. Carnival Party: It’s always all fun and games with a carnival party, especially when there’s a dessert table involved. This is a special treat for all of those kiddos with a major sweet tooth (and maybe for the parents too!). (via Sweet Designs)


11. Camping Party: Finding the perfect place to camp can be difficult sometimes, so why not just do it in your backyard? This theme will be a hit among the kiddos, especially if you have a bonfire to roast s’mores. (via Craig and Whitney)


12. Rainbow + Chevron Party: Kids absolutely love color, and this rainbow arts + crafts theme is timely considering the recent Supreme Court decision. You can even save the colorful decorations from your kid’s party for a belated pride celebration of your own. (via Hostess With the Mostess)


13. Bubbles Party: Bubbles are always an enjoyable addition to any outdoor celebration, so making them the star of your summer party is a must. Get ready for a light and whimsical backyard party, friends. (via Moms and Munchkins)


14. Ice Cream Sundae Party: We all scream for ice cream, but your kids will probably enjoy and appreciate this party the most. Here’s to some sweet memories. (via Chic and Cheap Nursery)


15. Jungle Party: Can’t make the trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Not a problem. Here’s a great way to bring the safari experience to your very own home. (via Roxy’s Kitchen)

Which party would you throw for your little one? Share with us in the comments below!